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The deceased, Andrew Stephens.
The deceased, Andrew Stephens.
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The body of a 65-year-old man, of Georgetown and the United States, who was vacationing in St. Vincent washed ashore in the northeast of the island Wednesday morning, several hours after he was swept out to sea by the tide on Tuesday evening.

iWitness News understands that police are treating the death of the man, Andrew Stephens, as a drowning, pending the conclusions of an autopsy.

Police in Georgetown were informed around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday that a man was seen entering the water at Rabacca then disappearing under the waves.

Officers who responded met two men — one a South Rivers resident and the other a resident of England — on the beach.

The men told police that Stephens is their friend and they had all gone to the Chatoyer National Park at Rabacca to cook.

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They men said that while there they were drinking alcohol along with other people when Stephens said he wanted to go to Drip, a nearby beach.

The trio went there and were walking along the beach when Stephens reportedly took off his long pants and went into the water.

The men told Stephens not to do so but he persisted saying he wanted to take a sea bath.

While Stephens was in the water, a wave pulled him out to sea and he disappeared under the water.

A search by police and Coast Guard Tuesday evening was futile.

5 replies on “Body of Rabacca suspected drowning victim washes ashore”

  1. Jackie stephens says:

    Why is there no protection at the water if people are known to lose their life in that location ?? Asking for my father Andrew Stephen😞

  2. Kelvin quintyn says:

    Never meet him personally but spoke with him every now and then he was a good man and well respected by my family may he rest in peace 🙏

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