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Telecommunications provider FLOW has announced an upgrade and improvement of its 3G and 4G Mobile networks.  

“As part of its ongoing commitment to providing the best possible network experience for customers, Flow will discontinue its 2G spectrum effective September 30th, 2023,” the company said in a statement.

The move will deliver faster data speeds and additional coverage for mobile customers, while also paving the way for future innovations in wireless technology, the company said.

“This move also prepares customers for a better roaming experience when travelling to the US and other territories where 2G is no longer supported.”

Flow said that as of Sept. 30, 2G devices will no longer be compatible with its network.

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To avoid service interruption, 2G SIM cards and devices must be upgraded to 3G or higher spectrum.

“With the increased demand for high-speed data and the increase in the number of 4G capable handsets on our network, retiring our 2G spectrum is a necessary step in keeping up with the evolving needs of our customers,” Country Manager, Flow St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Wayne Hull, said.

“We understand this transition may cause some inconvenience for a small percentage of our customers who still use the 2G technology; however, we will work closely with these customers to ensure a smooth transition to alternative devices by making a limited time offer available for a free SIM and device upgrade.   Please visit us in-store before September 30th to avoid service disruption or for any additional support during this transition.”

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