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The defendant, Adriana King leaves the Kingstown Magistrate's Court on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023.
The defendant, Adriana King leaves the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023.

Superintendent of Police Trevor “Buju” Bailey has sued suspended teacher Adriana King over a Facebook post.

Bailey is asking the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court to rule that King defamed him in a post allegedly made on Facebook on or about May 5, 2023.

iWitness News understands that the words complained of were published on a Facebook page called “De Show”.

Bailey is asking the court to award him EC$8,000 in damages.

King and her lawyer, Jomo Thomas were present when the matter came up for the first time in court on Thursday.

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Trevor Bailey
Superintendent of Police Trevor “Buju” Bailey in a Dec. 13, 2019 iWN photo.

However, Bailey and his lawyer, Duane Daniel were absent.

Lawyer Patina Knights, who was at the Bar table, told the court that Daniel was at another court and had asked that the matter be stood down.

However, Thomas said that he was going to make the point to the court that his client had received the document only a few days earlier and he was not properly prepared to respond to the matter.

The magistrate then decided to adjourn hearing in the matter to Oct. 26.

King, an educator, has been suspended from the classroom in connection with a number of criminal charges brought against her.

She is accused of impeding Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves’ access to Parliament during a protest in Kingstown in August 2021.

10 replies on “Police superintendent sues educator over Facebook post”

  1. Anita Sutherland says:

    One of questions that a rightful thinking person has to ask himself, is to what extent the law allows freedom of expression. Whether Ms King has exceeded the limits which the law allows. T[…] He certainly was aware or ought to have known the dates when case was to be tried. […]

    Bailey is supposed to be the cream of the crop according some law enforcement officials in St Vincent. Let’s look at his resume or record. Under the watch of Bailey and et al crime has escalated and our crime solving ratio is dismal under Bailey’s watch. […]

  2. I must first to admit that I am not verse in Law. But will like to know how the respondent defame Mr Bailey over her Facebook post and whether Ms King has a case to answer. I will signed off on that

  3. This story should never have been posted in the absence of the offending Facebook comments without which it is not newsworthy.

  4. Nebraska Toussaint says:

    Kenton readers should be given sufficient information on the subject matter to allow a prudent man to judge for himself the merits or lack of it for himself. Words such as it was alleged that the plaintiff made these remarks over the social media is safe. The can be no exposure on behalf of Iwitness News. The caption is meaning less subject to to the public unless it is modified and strengthened.

  5. This kind of news is so bias they should be ashamed to report this. Criminal charges for protest crazy. The news that post this news is the mouthpiece of the police on the prime Minister it’s a shape to the St Vincent people

  6. It would appear that the superintendent of Police has taken a page out of the Big Red’s book. He files lawsuit left right and center. Intellectualy ,he is no match for the Respondent. Often time he is not coherent . This is what happened when promotion is given by party politics.

  7. So they really want to do everything to break this lady and kill off democracy… when will Ralph minions leave this family alone??? God is not dead…

  8. How did Ms King defamed Mr Bailey? What words were attributed to him to bruise his ego?Were these words sufficient to debase him? Does he upstand what freedom of expression means? What is Mr Bailey’s point of reference to determine that a crime was committed? Does he understand that a crime is not a frivolous accusation? How did he arrive at $8,000? Did he not realize that […] to win a law suit he has to overcome the hurdle that is set by law? All I can say good luck in Bailey’s endeavors and hope it doesn’t backfire.

  9. Wat are de criminal charges ? was she ever accused of rape and still ha big wok? did she mek she lover go mental home and still ha big wok? some ar yo think dis place belong to ar yo and not even death can move ar yo.?

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