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The injured motorcyclist, Dario Browne.
The injured motorcyclist, Dario Browne.

Dario Browne, the 30-year-old motorcyclist involved in the accident at San Souci on Sunday, sustained brain and spinal injuries that have left him paralysed.

Gretia Browne, the injured man’s aunt, who is “like his second mom”, told iWitness News, on Wednesday, that his parents are trying to fly him to Trinidad for further medical attention, having received a prognosis that he might never walk again.

“He is still unresponsive and in a coma,” Browne told iWitness News and urged someone who she said is a key witness in the matter to tell police what they know.

She told iWitness News that doctors have said that the motorcyclist suffered a brain injury, resulting in bleeding in the brain.

Additionally, his spine is fractured in six places.

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“… every part of the spine needed for mobility is fractured,” Browne told iWitness News.

“His ribs on both sides are fractured, his legs are broken and shattered in different places,” she said.

“One of his arms is broken in six places — the bone in his arm is shattered.”

Browne said her nephew, who is a member of a bikers’ group, was on his way home to South Rivers, when the accident occurred.

“He is currently fighting for his life because the only thing that is keeping him alive right now is the machine,” the aunt told iWitness News.

“His parents are at MCMH trying to get him out of St. Vincent. The doctors are saying there is no doctor in SVG who can perform the operation on his spine. They are trying to get him to Trinidad to see if he will survive because the doctor is saying that more than likely he would not be able to walk again because of the extensive injury he sustained,” Browne said.

“I am hearing that no arrest has been made; no one has come forward to say anything.”

Damaged bike
The motorcycle after the collision.

In a press release on Monday, police said that about 6:45 p.m. on Sunday, officers stationed at the Colonaire Police Station responded to a report of a motor vehicle collision along San Souci Public Road.

The collision involved motor vehicle HV-443, a grey Toyota Noah nan owned and driven by Iran James, of South Rivers, motor vehicle P-9206, a grey Suzuki Escudo Jeep, owned by Delano Toney of Colonaire and driven by  Lafleur France, of Chapmans Village, and a multi-coloured motorcycle, PT- 918, ridden by Dario Browne, of South Rivers.

“The rider of motorcycle PT-918 sustained various injuries on his body.  He was taken to the Georgetown Medical Complex for medical attention and was later transferred to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he is currently a patient,” the statement said. 

“Motor Vehicles HV-443 and P-9206 were slightly damaged whilst PT-918 was extensively damaged. The investigation is ongoing.

“Anyone with information regarding the accident is encouraged to contact the Officer-in-charge of the Eastern Division at 1784-458-6229, or any police station or police officer you are comfortable with. All information received would be treated confidentially,” the police statement said.