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By concerned citizen

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, they say tourism is everyone’s business. That is our motto: each and every one of us is responsible. But it does not seem as if tourism is of any concern to the government, especially in the Grenadines, more so in Bequia.

The Grenadines generates so much tourism revenue. Why then are we being neglected?

Hardly any revenue collected is being spent on the maintenance of the infrastructure in the Grenadines, especially in Bequia.

Bequia has a small regional airport with so much potential. It opened in May 1992 and this small airport is vital for the island’s tourism. It is very busy during the winter months — November to April. This airport is needed. Currently three airlines are based there.

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For the last two years, the runway has been overlapped by overgrown trees and grass with little to no maintenance.

You would almost think the place is abandoned. These trees are a big safety hazard to the airport’s daily operations as visibility is very poor to non-existent to the air traffic controllers on the runway.

In addition to being unsightly, this is dangerous for aircraft.

Would it take an accident, God forbid, for those in authority to wake up. Last week, there was a report that some branches were clipping a wing of one of the aircraft on the runway.

If the aviation authority was more proactive, I don’t think any of these airports in the Grenadines would be in operation.

We are on the eve of yet another tourist season.

I am calling on the relative authority. Let us please put politics aside for once and do what needs to be done. After all, tourism is everyone’s business.

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2 replies on “Overgrown trees a concern at Bequia airport”

  1. All they fighting for is NDP to get into politics and get in the seats that the present government r hold. They not thinking of nothing else.

  2. Paradise aviation says:

    Why they don’t just clean up the airports that needs cleaning and those without night landing restore make the place acceptable enough for tourism to flow and make tourists feel like they should return a next time it’s not to say the government ain’t have the money for it.

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