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VJB bursaries
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Five Layou students have received financial aid in the form of a scholarship and bursaries from Vadeesha John-Brookes, a lawyer and former resident of the Central Leeward town, who now lives in St. Kitts.

John-Brookes’ sister, Vakeesha John, handed over certificates and monies to the students and their parents in Layou recently.

Four of the students received bursaries of EC$500 each and one student received the first EC$500 payout of a five-year scholarship, valued at EC$7,500.

Kyle Williams was awarded a full scholarship, under which he will receive EC$500 every term until he graduates from the St. Vincent Grammar School, once he meets all the conditions of the scholarship.

Kanda Homer, Krystal Deshong, Miran Jeffers and Ryniah Spencer received bursaries.

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Homer and Jeffers attend St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, Deshong is enrolled at Bishop’s College Kingstown and Spencer is a student at Central Leeward Secondary School.

All of the recipients were successful in this year’s CPEA examinations in May and most of them are involved in various activities in the community.

In a video, the students and their parents expressed gratitude to John-Brookes.

John-Brookes commented virtually, encouraging the students to give education their best shot.

She also commended the parents for playing an active role in their children’s lives and highlighted the role of the family and community.

“I am proud of each of you and I have great confidence that you will continue to do well. Education is important and will determine the quality of your life,” she said.

“Focus on your dreams, work hard and give it your best shot. Find time to balance your academics with extracurricular activities and community-building to help you to relax and to aid with your holistic development. Your parents are with you, and I am happy for that. A strong family and a united community are two great pillars of success for every student,” John-Brookes further stated.

Meanwhile, in her remarks, John told the awardees that her sister was giving back because “she was once as small as you with big dreams.

“She attended the Layou Government School and worked her way up… There were some good people who invested in our education. She wants to be just that to you.”

John-Brookes said she intends to make this an annual event and hopes to help many more young people in Central Leeward in their pursuit of education.