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Four (bursary awardees for 2023 with UWIGC Officer-in-Charge, left, and MCT Administration Director,right.jpg
Four (bursary awardees for 2023 with UWIGC Officer-in-Charge, left, and MCT Administration Director,right.jpg
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Four students were awarded the Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) bursary to assist with their studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Global Campus in St. Vincent, beginning this academic year.

The  awardees are Okieve Graham (Bachelor of Science in marketing), Juliette James (Bachelor of Education  in educational leadership and management), Jolisa Primus (Bachelor of Education in early childhood education and family services) and Leroy Walker (Bachelor of Science in sports leadership and management)  

At the handing-over ceremony, Camille Lakhram, UWI Global Campus officer-in-charge, reassured the awardees that they can excel in their programmes once they invest enough effort and maintain balance among all areas of their lives. 

She described the MCT bursary as one of the best awarded at UWI Global Campus since it covers 60% of academic fees, provides a laptop and includes a mentorship programme. 

She advised that the programme administration team at UWI Global Campus offers support to the awardees and recommended that they contact this team for support and guidance as soon as they encounter any challenges. 

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Dularie Malcolm, MCT administration director, reflected on the initiation of the bursary programme since February 2010 and thanked the single anonymous donor who has funded the bursary since its inception. 

She spoke of the success of the programme, which has seen 15 graduates obtaining first class honours, 12 graduates obtaining second class honours and one graduate obtaining a certificate. 

In addition, the trust will continue to fund 15 awardees, which includes the 2023 awardees, who are currently studying at UWI Global Campus in St. Vincent.

This programme operates on the basis that the Mustique Charitable Trust provides the funding while the UWI Global Campus (St. Vincent) undertakes the administration of the programme. 

Bursaries are awarded annually for the academic year that begins August/September and potential applicants should be undergraduate students beginning their programme. 

The UWI Global Campus (St. Vincent) Administration Office provides information about the programme, application forms, submissions process and deadline date.