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Burglars bail out 2
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A sailor who is overseas is lucky that his neighbour looked out one night and saw a van parked outside his Pembroke home. Police met the van in Campden Park loaded with items stolen from the home. The house was left in a mess and most of the doors broken.

8 replies on “VIDEO: Burglars clean out sailor’s home”

  1. This was fantastic! I hope the son will send some cameras so his mother can get them installed. The vehicle should be sold to get the funds to repair the damage to the house. Then they should all be put in jail for 5 to 7 years.

  2. SVG police at its best….”call Vermont police station, what is d van number” ..? wow.

    If svg was a land of streets, sorry that burglary would have been another history compliment svgpf…. i.e given d allegedl police initial respond when dey received d reports.

    U mean d thieves get to reach campdenpark after d police were informed while they were on d man’s property?

    I hope those police who received d calls except d last one will b investigated we want to kno if they had responded otherwise.

  3. I’m just glad that this alert neighbor alerted this lady so the police could apprehend the thieves. Burglars did a similar job on my home when I was at post and took pains to remove wall mirrors from bedrooms, refrigerator, stove and even my queen sized mattress. I never bothered to report it. But worst has since happened…

  4. The thieves know exactly what the man has in his house. They planned well. Why they trashed the house like that? That’s jealousy, maybe a close friend . . . let’s say don’t bring people in your place. They are incorrigible rogues. . . SCUMS.

  5. Across the Miles says:

    This was planned by someone familiar. How would they know where the safe was? These thieves are heartless. They could have taken what they wanted without destroying the place.

    Seems like the son brought everything home except security cameras. Invest in some that is connected to your phone

  6. Vere Palmer we living in a Robinhood society. Why 5-7 years and not 20 years hard labour? You are soft n crimes bro.

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