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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ambassador to Taiwan, Andrea Bowman signs the Samoa Accord in Apia, Samoa last week. (Photo: Facebook/Embassy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, ROC, (Taiwan))
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ambassador to Taiwan, Andrea Bowman signs the Samoa Accord in Apia, Samoa last week. (Photo: Facebook/Embassy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, ROC, (Taiwan))
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St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is among countries that have signed the new partnership agreement with the European Union, which one Trinidad-based cleric says will impose “abortion legislation, transgender, LBGTQ, comprehensive sex education, a whole range of values”

Andrea Bowman, SVG Ambassador to Taiwan, signed the agreement on behalf of Kingstown in Samoa last Wednesday.

The accord, known as the Samoa Agreement, will serve as an overarching legal framework for the relations between the European Union and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) for the next 20 years.

It replaces the Cotonou Agreement and covers subjects such as sustainable development and growth, human rights and peace and security.

The provisional application of the agreement will start on Jan. 1, 2024. It will enter into force upon consent by the European Parliament and ratification by all EU member states and at least two thirds of the 79 member countries of the OACPS .

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However, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Port of Spain, Jason Gordon has criticised the accord, saying that while it is “written as a trade agreement and an agreement of support, financially, etc. for the African Caribbean and Pacific nations, embedded in that agreement and when it is signed it is for 20 years and cannot be revoked … is anyone who signs that agreement will have abortion legislation in their countries.

“They will have to impose abortion legislation, transgender, LBGTQ, comprehensive sex education, a whole range of values will be imposed because of the signing of that document,” Gordon, , who has served as Archbishop of Kingstown, added.

The Caribbean Media Corporation cited media reports as saying that the Caribbean nations of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica and well as Namibia, in Africa, all of which are members of OACPS, have not yet signed the agreement, which the European Commissioner for International Partnership, Jutta Urpilainen, said provides “a modernised framework to revitalise our relations with the largest grouping of partner countries to provide a platform for dialogue and coordination to face the challenges of our times together”.

Gordon said the “EU is imposing upon us an ideology that is not ours and a value system that is not ours.

“And if we don’t understand and wake up and smell the coffee quickly, we will find ourselves with values, with laws, with expectations and with things being touted as right that has nothing to do with us Caribbean people.

“Wake up and smell the coffee. It ain’t far away, it is right here,” the head of the Roman Catholic Church here said, adding that he was thankful to God that the Keith Rowley administration has not signed the document.

“Thank God for that. Our government got wind of it, have seen and understood and they are saying they don’t have enough information to be able to sign …Thank God for that. Jamaica came out clearly and said we are not for sale.

“They came out up front, publicly, and said we are not for sale. It is the rest of the small islands of the Caribbean that I worry about today, because whoever signs that document will then have to impose laws on their people that are not in keeping with the culture, values of us Caribbean people and it will be a colonial imposition one more time on small fragile states, on Africa, Pacific and us here in the Caribbean,” Archbishop Gordon said.

Jason Gordon
Catholic Archbishop of Port of Spain, Jason Gordon. (Photo: Facebook/Charles Jason Gordon)

SVG has signed the agreement at a time when the High Court is considering its verdict on a legal challenge to its colonial-era laws that criminalise same-sex relations, even in public.

The state has lost similar legal challenges in all of the other Commonwealth Caribbean countries where such lawsuits were brought. 

Last December, an international network of Christians and conservatives based in the Netherlands, said the Samoa agreement imposes demands on African, Caribbean and Pacific states, such as legalising abortion, decriminalising same-sex intimacy, and comprehensive sex education for children, that run contrary to traditional moral values with the 79-member OACPS.

Henk Jan van Schothorst, executive director of Christian Council International (CCI), which seeks to influence policy from a Christian perspective, told CMC that the Samoa Agreement should receive parliamentary approval in each OACPS country before heads of states and governments signed it.

His call on the sidelines of the 10th Summit of Head of States and Government of the OACPS, came as one EU nation had expressed reservation about signing the deal, even as Secretary General of the OACPS, Georges Chikoto had urged the European Union to sign the agreement as soon as possible.

The ACP-EU partnership is one of the oldest and most comprehensive frameworks for cooperation between the EU and third countries. The denomination of the new agreement was agreed at the 46th session of the ACP-EU Council of Ministers in Samoa last week.

Chikoti told last week’s meeting that the new treaty has key provisions for regular review and the involvement of non-state actors.

“I think that an important aspect of this agreement is that partners can sit together every five years to look into where they can do better. I think this engagement is very important for the region…

“Another of the important aspects is that as we move from Cotonou to Samoa, we see engagement will be more and more collective, with civil society participating in all major issues that our regions face. The new agreement fosters large participation from civil society,” he added.

The Samoa Agreement outlines common principles and covers areas including human rights, democracy and governance, peace and security, human and social development inclusive, sustainable economic growth and development, environmental sustainability and climate change migration and mobility

The agreement includes a common foundation, which applies to all parties, combined with three regional protocols for Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific with a focus on the specific needs of each region.

The 27 EU member states and the 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries together represent around two billion people and more than half of the seats at the United Nations.

The EU said with this new agreement, the parties will be better equipped to address emerging needs and global challenges, such as climate change, ocean governance, migration, health, peace and security.

20 replies on “SVG signs new EU deal that includes legalising abortion, same-sex relations”

  1. Pastor saying that the values of this agreement are not our own while being in the ROMAN Catholic Church is a different kind of irony. His Roman Catholic values were imposed upon our society by Europeans, same ones he says are imposing these new ones.

  2. Gordon said the “EU is imposing upon us an ideology that is not ours and a value system that is not ours.”

    Was Christianity here before the colonizers came and ravaged our lands? Where did Roman Catholicism come from?

  3. As a Christian, the irony of this has not been lost upon me. Roman Catholicism is as far from biblical Christianity as could be. Many core tenants of its ideology is completely foreign to the Bible. While I may share many of the man’s concerns, I believe he (as a Catholic adherent) has an issue as far as moral authority is concerned.

  4. Joshua Bardo every one in vincy know you. Some people are on vincy radar. It’s a case of who pays the piper calls the song. Pelting mangos is not a past time. It’s a self directed bouncer.

  5. U Christians who full ah holly gost and nuff towns have a lot to tell God.

    Hope all yo conscience worring all yo now.

    This is what u all bring d lan to.

    When ppl luv food money and freeness

    Sell out.

    Is svg for sale?

    Wen d wicket rule d ppl Mourn, when d righteous in authority d ppl rejoice.

    LORD help us in these times of profound darkness dat your so call ppl enabled, and kindly forgive us I beseech Thee.

  6. Donald De Riggs says:

    The EU should not ‘sexualize’ a Trade Agreement by forcing the LGBTQ agenda. Was such an important issue brought to our parliament for discussion? Has the general public been invited to discuss this issue ? This government is TOTALLY OUT OF PLACE and should be shame to sign such an agreement which is binding for at least 20 years, and worse, without the consent of Vincentians !

    Is this government GAY ??? Come out plain and expose your nasty and despicable behaviour. I am further disappointed in our envoy who signed the EU agreement without the consensus of the majority of Vincentians.

    Vincentians need to protest that unilateral and undemocratic position. I and many vincies were totally unaware that the Samoa meeting had such nefarious items on the agenda. We might be poor and underdeveloped as a nation but we stand high for morals, as small as were are.

    All who against bullin and lesbianism in sweet SVG must come out and protest against the decision for this country to sign such an iniquitous agreement. SHAME ON THE ULP administration for signing that EU agreement that reeks with excrement !

    Put it to a vote, have a referendum on this dirty agreement along with the Guyana/Venezuela issue and the overwhelming majority of Vincentians will vote NO !

    This government is out of ORDER and if I am the only person to stage a protest, I will, and thousands of Vincentians will join me.

    Shame on the leadership of this country, you are leading this country into someone else’s fox hole, and I ain’t going there with you.

    SHAME, and FIRE on ALL battyman and zamay woman.

    Where are the local churches on this matter ? you should be the first to stage a public protest, and to demonstrate to our leaders that this is NOT the way to go!

    Donald De Riggs says so !

  7. Gordon ought to be as concerned and outspoken about the abuse meted out by priests and nuns of that church to children. Furthermore, I do not support the LGBTQ movement but what an adult does in their bedroom is not my business.

    “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. Matthew 7:5

  8. Joshua Bardo there would be a civil war in St Vincent if the government was to decrimailize same sex marriage if it was not put to the people in a referendum. This is not only offensive, but it touches the core of most Vincentians and define who we are. It will be a case of them versus the rest of us.

  9. Jesus Bardo most Vincentian know who you are and you stand on the subject. What you want to do in your private domain has nothing to do with us. However, by passing legislation that affect the majority, it will be a case of the minority ruling the majority. You know that will cause chaos as history shows us what happened when the minority rule the majority as in Rhodesia and South Africa.

  10. Many will want to criticize the Bishop but we have to understand that in life, people can amend their ways and speak power to the truth according to the word of God, therefore, I will leave the condemnation to God and focus as the caused and root of such evil act that has now been repeated and forced upon our God fearing Nation. Sodom and Gomorrah will be their portion. 2 Chronicles 7:14. Give us a starting point. May God have mercy on their soul

  11. One has to ask the question. What will the member states of the Caribbean states gain other than relinquishing the values that we have remaining? While our people suffering because of the years of colonization with no talks about reparation?

  12. I have been saying this for the longest. I am not overly concerned about adults but, this will become mandatory in the educational curriculum. As a matter of fact, some secondary school personnel (GHS) are already pushing this agenda on the children. It will not be long before they make open disagreement / discussion of these things a hate crime. There is no such thing as a free meal. The EU, and its behind the scenes funders, know exactly what their desired end-game is.

  13. Obviously, some pundits still have their ‘axes to grind’ with the good archbishop. He speaks truth to power; so try to understand the message. Do not “diss”the messenger! This is not a Roman Catholic thing, nor is it a religious thing.
    Mr. DeRiggs I agree with your opinion 100%! Our rights and freedoms are being diminished by outside forces who continue to impact our lives/existence by their well known “carrot and the stick” policies. Showing little or no regard to our individual sovereign rights, they seek to impose their “sick” cultural norms and mores onto our people… all wrapped in these accords/ agreements, camouflaged as a “trade agreement, falsely purporting that it is for a ‘better good’. How dare our government’s representative sign this document on our behalf, without any public discussion of its potential ramifications! Our culture is at stake here! As a nation we must protest with all vigor to force a reversal of this misguided co-opt.

  14. Who pays the piper calls the song. One you can’t sign on and don’t have respect the covenant. I am gay sad proud. Just now we will have our gay state. Yes PM you are on our side snd the right side of the law. Right Jeshua Bardo?

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