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Fathers interacting and doing activities with their children.
Fathers interacting and doing activities with their children.
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The Evesham Methodist School hosted a series of activities that emphasised the importance of fatherhood and community engagement in celebration of International Men’s Day, Nov. 19.

The day was marked by insightful discussions, emotional acknowledgments of shortcomings, and a commitment to strengthen fatherhood, the school said in a press release.

The event, held at the Evesham Methodist School, was a collaborative effort to foster a sense of community among fathers and encourage positive engagement with their children and improve parental involvement at the school.

Evesham Methodist School 2

The day began with a men’s symposium, providing a platform for fathers to openly discuss their experiences and reflect on their practices as fathers.

The atmosphere was one of mutual understanding, as fathers acknowledged their shortcomings and pledged to enhance their parenting skills.

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The highlight of the symposium was the presentations delivered by Kevin Rodriquez and Keith Thompson, who shared their experiences and perspectives on fatherhood.

A notable outcome of the symposium was the decision by the fathers to form a support group.

Evesham Methodist School 3

The fathers, recognising the importance of a strong support system, decided to create a fathers’ group that would provide assistance, guidance, and camaraderie to each other and the school community as a whole.

This initiative reflects a commitment to fostering positive fatherhood and creating a network for fathers to share experiences and resources.

Following the symposium, the men went to the school where they actively engaged with the students.

Fathers took the opportunity to encourage children to work hard, be respectful, and strive for their goals.

Kevin Rodriquez
Kevin Rodriquez.

“The interaction between fathers and children was heartening, as it demonstrated the positive influence fathers can have on their children’s lives,” the school said.

The day concluded with a collaborative craft project, where fathers and children worked together to create unique pieces of art.

This hands-on activity not only strengthened the bond between fathers and children but also provided a creative outlet for self-expression.

“The joy and laughter resonating from the collaborative crafting session highlighted the success of the day in bringing fathers and children closer.”

Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson.

Principal Damaris Martin expressed her enthusiasm for the day’s events, highlighting the school’s commitment to improving parental involvement.

“One of the primary aims of the day’s activities was to enhance the bond between parents and the school community. We believe that active parental engagement is crucial for a child’s overall development, and events like these contribute significantly to achieving that goal,” Martin said. The activity also aimed to raise awareness about the significance of male role models and their influence on children’s overall well-being

Counsellor Cherry-Ann Pompey passionately about the importance of fathers playing their proper role in children’s lives.

Evesham Methodist School 4

She emphasised the need for active involvement and addressed the fathers on the various ways they can contribute to their children’s growth, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment.

“Teachers were pleased with the turnout for this year’s International Men’s Day activity and expressed optimism about even greater attendance in the coming years. The success of the event was attributed to the collaborative efforts of the school community, including teachers, parents, and students, who actively participated in the programme,” the release said.

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