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Peter Baptiste.
Peter Baptiste.

A 35-year-old Penniston man who a prosecutor said has a habit of interfering with police investigations has been remanded to prison pending the outcome of ongoing investigations.

Prosecutor, Corporal Delando Charles told the Georgetown Magistrates Court, on Monday, that the defendant, Peter Baptiste, is being investigated on a number of theft charges allegedly involving a particular vehicle and that he is in the habit of interfering with such investigations.

As a result, Charles asked Magistrate Bertie Pompey that Baptiste be remanded to custody.

Baptiste appeared before the magistrate on a theft charge to which he had originally pleaded not guilty. 

He was charged that on Nov. 25, at Orange Hill, he stole seven bunches of plantains valued at EC$210, the property of Leonard Fergus, of Diamonds Village.

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However, on Monday, Baptiste changed his plea to guilty.

Pompey fined the defendant EC$800, with EC$400 to be paid forthwith or four months imprisonment.

The balance is to be paid in one month or in default four months in prison.

Baptiste was also ordered to compensate Fergus EC$210 to be paid in one month or spend two months in prison.

Pompey also remanded Baptiste to prison until Dec. 4, in relation to the other investigations. 

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