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Donald De Riggs in a 2022 photo.
Donald De Riggs in a 2022 photo.
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By Donald De Reiggs

You are WRONG to sign an EU “trade agreement” that has sexuality preferences as a pre-condition! And secondly, you did NOT have our permission to do so!

I am calling on all Vincentians, including teachers, to demand that this government withdraw their signature on the latest EU Trade Agreement signed by Ambassador Andrea Bowman, in Samoa, on behalf of the leadership of this country and NOT on behalf of the majority of Vincentians, Christian and non-Christian, who are totally opposed to same sex relations, and abortions ( except in exceptional circumstances), to openly protest this undemocratic move by the shameless ULP administration.

Let me deal with abortion first. In circumstances where the life of the mother of the unborn child is jeopardy, or where the female is the victim of rape and becomes pregnant and does not want the child of the rapist, abortion must be the choice of the individual and with the advice of their doctors, done as early as possible during that pregnancy. Yes, I am pro-life, but there are always exceptions to the rules for good and valid reasons. Why should your daughter who is the victim of a perverted rapist bring a demonic seed into this world? If a person has the spirit of God Almighty, they would NEVER rape anyone.

When it comes to same sex relations, what does that have to do with a trade agreement. Why does SVG have to craft a law to legitimise same sex relations in order to receive financial assistance from the EU? Sorry, keep your dirty money, EU. We will “keep our dignity”, as a female calypsonian sang. By the way, that EU money is really profits of finances that were misappropriated from the Caribbean, Africa and Pacific colonies and the profits from slavery, that they now want us to prostitute ourselves before we can get reparatory justice. Reparatory justice is the agenda that Caribbean leaders should be taking to that EU forum instead of exposing our behinds for licks.

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Imagine, not even a discussion with the public on this moral issue. In Jamaica, they have refrained from signing the EU trade agreement, until public consensus is received. There is NO exception when it comes to same sex relations. It is WRONG, morally, ethically, spiritually and is unnatural. In the case of men, why should one find pleasure from entering the anus of another man. And in the case of women why do you still have to use a dildo instead of a natural man? It is so sickening!

 And to know that this government may soon have to pass legislation to get a paltry million from the EU to legitimise a felony. All right-thinking Vincentians must come out to demand that this government withdraw their signature from that EU agreement, because it does NOT reflect the wishes of the majority of Vincentians. This is a totally UNDEMOCRATIC and undignified act by this waning government.

First, they fired several of you for not taking and forced many of you to take an “experimental” mRNA jab that has already killed a large number of people worldwide in just two years, and more to follow as medium term and long term vaccine injuries begin to manifest themselves. Now, WITHOUT National consultation, they signed an EU TRADE agreement that is forcing us to make laws to legalise same-sec intimacy and they can’t even legalise ganja for recreational use. Fire on this administration! 

The first cleric in the region to speak out against the Samoa Agreement is Archbishop C. Jason Gordon who is well known in Vincentian Catholic circles who, among other things, likened the Samoa Agreement as a new form of colonialism that is NOT part of our Caribbean culture, which they are trying to force on us. The bishop said that “the EU is imposing on us an ideology that is not ours, and a value system that is not ours” and urged all right-thinking people to quickly wake up to the reality of this latest development and reject it.

I am calling on all true Rastas to defend right, all true Christians to reject immorality, I am calling on all who stand for good manners and behaviour, righteousness and truth including our teachers to reject this government’s signing of the EU agreement. Tek it back, tear it up and throw it the garbage bin and burn it! I am not taking the proverbial slap and turn my cheek for another slap on this issue. If I have to stage a one-man demonstration in Kingstown, I will do it, but I know, thousands of Vincentians, including teachers, students and true Rastas will stand with me. And by the way, this is the Lord Almighty’s battle, we are only soldiers in His army, so we are on the winning side, and so should you reading this. 

Withdraw the SVG signature from that EU agreement, it does not reflect the aspirations of Vincentians! We may be underdeveloped financially by global standards but we are intellectually and spiritually sound, well … most of us.

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One reply on “Tek it back, tear it up and burn it!”

  1. But evil men and seducers will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

    2 Timothy 3 vs13

    Is it true that central leeward MP and north windward next candidate for this regime suppose to b Christians?

    Do not partake of another’s sin.

    Anyway I realized money will cause a man to do d unthinkable.

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