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Atiba Edwards, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in New York.
Atiba Edwards, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in New York.
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A young Vincentian, Atiba Edwards, has been named president and CEO of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in New York, the BCM announced on Wednesday.

Edwards, the son of Benjamin Kitwana Edwards, of Stoney Ground, and former national netballer Cornelia Arthur-Edwards, of Paul’s Avenue, moved with his parents to Brooklyn at an early age and has forged a stellar academic and working career path.

The BCM release stated that Edwards has been an integral part of the cultural institution since 2019 when he joined as chief operating officer and executive vice president.  

In that capacity he served with “outstanding leadership, overseeing various critical functions of the museum, including adeptly managing the budget, implementing systems to increase staff efficiency, overseeing an incredibly successful rebranding effort, and spearheading an array of new offerings” including the highly acclaimed ArtRink exhibition, launch of a mini-golf course and the inauguration of a state-of-the-art auditorium”.

During his career, Edwards has served as director at the Brooklyn East Collegiate and began his professional journey as a fixed-income research analyst at JPMorgan’s Investment Bank focusing on the automotive sector.  

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He also worked at Nomura Securities covering high grade and high yield fixed income research divisions across multiple sectors including aerospace, automotive, defence, healthcare and tobacco.

But apart from his professional endeavours he has co-founded FOKUS, a non-profit organisation dedicated to connecting and building communities through the arts.

The release quoted Edwards as saying he was “deeply honoured and excited to assume the role of president and CEO” at the institution which holds “a special place in the hearts of families and children in Brooklyn and beyond”.

He said that the BCM is a place he grew up coming to with his family since childhood and he is committed to continuing the museum’s legacy of providing a dynamic and enriching educational experience for all.

“This Vincentian shining light has received many congratulations from Vincentians and Caribbean persons in Brooklyn in scores of online publications as a proud example of the positive contributions Caribbean people continue to make to their adopted homeland,” a press release said. 

9 replies on “Vincy named head of Brooklyn Children’s Museum ”

  1. William Harry says:

    I am so proud of you son of the soil. You are an inspiration to the many young men who think they can’t shine through the dark clouds that try to block their view of the endless possibilities that come with hard work and dedication. May the God of our fathers bless and keep you through it all. We celebrate with you, stay humble.

  2. Lydia Richardson says:

    Congratulations my fellow Vincentian. I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished.
    The children’s museum was one of my favorite places to visit with my little ones. All grown up now but I have beautiful memories!

  3. Anthony G Stewart says:

    I am happy for your progress and I hope that our children will be inspired to learn and to achieve.

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