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Law society
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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Law Society was launched recently with High Court judge Justice Rickie Burnett as well as a number of prominent lawyers in attendance.

“I am extremely happy that this club was started at this college and I hope that this stands as the push needed for the college to provide a more practical approach for the law courses,” club chairperson, Adrian Odle, a lawyer and lecturer-in-charge of the club said.

“Law is not just about coming to a class, taking notes and regurgitating them. There must be a practical aspect and I know that this club would help to provide that more practical approach.”

Kiera Rodgers, is the president of the club and Zenol Gaymes is vice president.

The other members of the executive are Jahzara Glasgow, editorial director; Isabella Bollers, moot director; Kyra Baisden, secretary; Tejany Browne, treasurer; Ajeah Hope, public relations officer; Keanu Providence, year 2 representative and Shiloh Robertson, year 1 representative

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This club aims to guide students to a successful future in the legal field. Its mission is to provide a supportive environment for students pursuing studies in law, offering resources, educational events, and networking opportunities to help them explore and prepare for legal careers while emphasising the importance of community engagement and ethical conduct.

Its mantra is “Aedificamus per Legem” — Latin for “We Build Through Law.”

“This phrase encapsulates our commitment to constructing a foundation of knowledge, justice, and ethical principles,” the club said. 

“The term ‘Aedificamus’ embodies the act of collaborative building, signifying our collective efforts to construct a society grounded in legal understanding.

“This phrase also stands as a reminder of why the club was founded: to see the next generations of lawyers, paralegals, judges, etc., grow and mature in their legal skills and competencies

Through our dedication to ‘Legem’ or law, we aspire to elevate discourse, foster a community that values justice, and contribute to the construction of a better, more equitable world. “‘Aedificamus per Legum’” is not merely a motto but a guiding philosophy, inspiring us to shape and uphold the pillars of a just and lawful society through the power of knowledge, advocacy, and ethical conduct. In the Law Club, we stand united in our pursuit of building a brighter future through the edifice of laws.

The other lawyers in attendance include President of the Bar Association, Shirlan Zita Barnwell and Bar Association Committee Member Chelsea Alexander as we; as Samantha Robertson and Jomo Thomas.

The law society also launched its “editorial” alongside the club.

The purpose of the “editorial” is to engage the public on various legal topics, creating opportunities for exposure for the next generation of legal professionals in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The first piece is an essay titled “Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) or Privy Council; which would be most effective for the region.”

In this article, the writers present a strong case, supporting the argument that the CCJ will be the most appropriate court of appeal for the Caribbean region.

“Our Editorial platform is destined to be the heartbeat of legal discourse within our community. The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword, and in our case, it becomes the instrument of justice, wisdom, and change,” the club said.

“With ‘Aedificamus per Legem’ echoing in our hearts, we embark on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment. The editorial isn’t just about words on paper; it’s about the power of ideas, the resonance of knowledge, and the impact of thoughtful analysis.”

The students said that their club, “like a legal beacon, stands ready to illuminate the intricacies of the law, to dissect the controversial, and to champion the just. Through this editorial, we pledge to amplify voices, challenge norms, and spark conversations that resonate far beyond these pages.

“In the world of ideas, our pens wield the power to shape perceptions, challenge assumptions, and inspire action. Let our words not only inform but transform; let them be the catalyst for change, the fuel for progress. Together, let’s build through law, one word at a time.”