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Uniformed and a plainclothes police officers, restrain the man, third left, after the incident on Villa Beach on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023.
Uniformed and a plainclothes police officers, restrain the man, third left, after the incident on Villa Beach on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023.
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The police force says that it will thoroughly investigate the report that a uniformed police officer unloaded his firearm and lent it to a civilian who then used it to threaten a woman at Villa beach on Wednesday.

Two civilians told iWitness News they witnessed the incident shortly after 4:30 p.m. on the beach, where police officers were providing additional security as cruise ship passengers were enjoying beach activities.

“I’ve learnt of this incident, this most unfortunate incident. The leadership of the police force has launched an investigation into this matter,” acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, Trevor “Buju” Bailey said on Hot97 FM on Thursday.

“I heard you just now say that ‘Oh nothing is going to happen’. We don’t condone these types of behaviour; it doesn’t reflect the morals of the police force,” Bailey said in his call to the radio station.

“That kind of action is condemned in every form and a full investigation would be done. If it leads charges, then charges will be laid. If it leads to dismissal, then so be it. But the police force is not going to sweep this under the carpet. I don’t want you to advance the notion that ‘Hey, a report has been made and that’s it.’ No. no. no. We don’t run like that,” Bailey said.

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Asked how long an investigation like that would take, Bailey said:

“From where I sit right now, I know that we have started the investigation since yesterday and some statements have already been recorded. Some further statements should be done today and the matter will be dealt with speedily.”

Bailey said it is “a young officer. He has less than three years’ service. A young office; a young police officer.

“As I said before, maybe sometimes we don’t communicate back to the public when things happen but this matter is a very serious matter. It is very troubling to the leadership and as I say, we [condemn] the action and an investigation will be done.”

Trevor Bailey
Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for crime-fighting, Trevor Bailey in a Nov. 6, 2023 photo.

Meanwhile, in a press release on Thursday, the police force said it has “initiated a thorough investigation into the recent article published by iWitness News, titled ‘Cop in Uniform Lends Gun to Man to Threaten Woman’”.

The release said that upon becoming aware of the concerning allegations, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frankie Joseph, took immediate action by ordering a comprehensive inquiry into the matter.

“The RSVGPF is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability within its ranks.

“The investigation will focus on verifying the accuracy of the reported incident, ensuring transparency, and holding any individuals involved accountable for their actions. The RSVGPF emphasises its dedication to maintaining public trust and addressing any misconduct within its force promptly,” the release said.

It quoted Joseph as saying: “We take any allegations of misconduct seriously and are committed to a thorough and impartial investigation. The public can rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in getting to the truth in this matter.”

The police force is encouraging anyone with information regarding the incident to come forward and assist in the investigation.

“The police force remains steadfast in its mission to serve and protect the community with the highest level of professionalism,” the release said.

3 replies on “Police taking seriously report of officer lending gun to civilian — ACP Bailey”

  1. Trevor Buju Bailey a significant part of the RSPF has a criminal and dishonest tendency. They cover for each other. You can recalled the aspiration of villager “Rabbit”.

  2. So, who will be doing the investigation, the police? This is the time to form an investigatory committee that includes members from both parties, so it can and will be transparent.

    Vincentians have not seen equal justice when ULP and the police were involved for years. It would be hard to convince people if the investigators were police.

    The police should also be on leave until the investigation is completed.

  3. Concerned citizen says:

    They should take this seriously, but just think what could have happened, if say a licensed firearm holder had intervened.

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