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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking on NBC Radio on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023.
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking on NBC Radio on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has defended himself against accusations of hypocrisy as he helped to broker talks between Venezuela and Guyana over their border dispute even as, at home, he has refused to speak to Opposition Leader Godwin Friday since August 2021.

Gonsalves has refused to speak to Friday since he (Gonsalves) was injured as he walked among people protesting mandatory vaccine measures in Kingstown on Aug. 5, 2021.

He later said he held the opposition leader personally responsible for his injury, a charge that Friday has strongly rejected.

The prime minister has repeatedly said since then that he would not speak to Friday and would write to him whenever he would need to consult him in keeping with Constitutional mandates.

He repeated that position during the last sitting of Parliament on Nov. 23 even as he was urging  presidents Irfaan Ali of Guyana and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela to “just talk” amidst a ratcheting up of rhetoric.

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Some people have accused Gonsalves of being hypocritical in urging talks among the two countries, even as the Guyanese parliament has barred the government from discussing the matter with Venezuela, pending a ruling of the International Court of Justice, while he withheld his speech from the opposition leader in Kingstown.

“… I understand on one radio station it was said that Ralph is being hypocritical, Ralph is wanting to have Maduro and Irfaan Ali talk but I don’t want to talk to Friday,” Gonsalves said on NBC Radio today (Wednesday)

“They’re trying to compare apples and oranges,” he said.

“Every single month, I talk to Friday in Parliament. We have a process in which we hold our conversations. I mean, that’s clear. And if I have to consult him about anything, I write him in accordance with the Constitution. I don’t see where any hypocrisy is involved there,” Gonsalves said.

10 replies on “PM denies being hypocritical in calling for Essequibo peace talks”

  1. Ralph’s attitude shows why Vincentians don’t communicate with each other. His refusal to speak with the Leader of the opposition indicates the divisiveness in SVG that is plaguing the communities.
    How can he ask the population to talk to the police when he refuses to do the same thing with Friday? That kind of attitude is destroying communities, families and friendship through the island and may have the effect that is showing up in the murders, fights and abuses.

    1. Ralph cannot be trusted as an honest broker. He is in bed with the enemy. There is a common adage that goes like this, ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend “.Ralph and Maduro are bosom buddies.

  2. Ralph is nothing but a hippocrite. He is not neutral and his foot girl Mia Motley is a lackey, they are modern day Judas. Venezuela has just forgiven 190 million debt to St Vincent. Gonsalves speaks with a fork tongue. He thinks he can hood winked the world as what he has done to the Vincentian populace. It’s only one country that is threatening war and violence. He refuses to call that country by name, this is hypocrisy at its highest order. Ralph you may be smart by Vincentians standard, but an imbecile by world standards.

  3. I can see clearly now the rain is gone so says the lyrics of Jimmy Cliff. St Vincent is in a state of war. For a nation of 110,000 , there is over 50 homicide and the year has not finished. However, the Minister of security, Ralph Gonsalves is oblivious to this fact that Vincentians can hardly walk the streets at night without suffering the consequences of being mugged or killed.

    The Prime Minister is busy and is preoccupied with other agenda sucj as poking his nose in other people’s business. No wonder why as Minister of security he has a dismal record of preventing crimes or being tough on the causes of crimes. However, one thing gave me solace is that even the Roman Empire has had its day. Gonsalves, your day of recognizing is imminent.

  4. Very hypocritical. Why he did not invite Puntin and zielinski to com here and talk things over. Real blood run in Ukraine from d Hans of puntin.

    When u went in parlament and u all pass dat trynese joconium peice of law dat u kno will sink ppl in provety, and dats not all but ensure dat same peice of law denies benefits to dos hard working law abiding citizens, while men and woman allegedly walked onto a man’s property and brutalized him shot him in his leg.
    Did u popose a dialog? did u facilitate a dialog to ensure dos citizens affected be treated fairly?

    No! U didn’t concern because all dat matter is your way or no way.

    Guyana again!

    Not a inch for vinisvala.

  5. Urlan Alexander says:

    Ralph.right. He will continue to insult, denegrate and embarass vincentians and he will say they love me.

  6. Roslindale Ryan says:

    The European stole this land including the ancestors of our dignified PM. Has anyone consulted with the indigenous people who live in this area? I believe they should have a say. It’s really their land.

  7. Eh na time go some ar yo check ino a nursing home wa ah yo can get ar yo pampaaa change? ar yo really shameless

  8. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall obtain mercy. Please keep the two matters separate and give Ralph a break. The day will come when the lion shall sleep alongside the lamb.

    Ah wanda wha Ralph wud do if Friday addresses him on Bay street one day? Wud he say: “Get out of my way you unclean gentile? Perhaps not so rude.

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