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Linda S. Taglialatela
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Dear Citizens of the Eastern Caribbean,

As my tenure as the U.S. Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the incredible honour it has been to represent the United States in this vibrant and diverse region. All the countries in the region hold a special place in my heart, and the experiences I’ve had here will forever shape my outlook on diplomacy, collaboration, and the resilience of communities facing challenges.

Throughout my time here, I’ve witnessed first-hand the unwavering determination of each country as they grapple with their unique set of challenges. The strength and resilience of the people of the Eastern Caribbean in the face of adversity, whether it be the impact of climate change or reviving economies after the pandemic, have been nothing short of inspiring. As nations navigate economic uncertainties, environmental concerns, and social issues, it’s been humbling to witness the unwavering spirit and dedication to progress.

One of the key highlights of my tenure has been the pride I’ve felt in the United States collaborating with sovereign democratic states across the region. Our shared commitment to enhancing security, bolstering economic development, and promoting democratic values has been the cornerstone of our partnership. We’ve worked together to address security challenges, improve disaster preparedness, and foster economic growth, recognizing that these issues know no borders.

The United States remains steadfast in our commitment to being a good neighbour and friend to the nations of the Eastern Caribbean. It’s been an honour to stand with you these past seven plus years, offering support and friendship as you navigate complex challenges and opportunities. The enduring relationships we’ve built are a testament to the shared values and aspirations we hold dear.

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As I bid farewell, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the incredible people of the Eastern Caribbean. Your warmth, hospitality, and dedication to progress have left an indelible mark on me. The bonds forged during my tenure will continue to serve as a testament to the enduring friendship between our nations.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of living with you as the representative of the United States. I leave with a heart full of gratitude and hope for the continued growth and prosperity of this beautiful region.

With warm regards,

Linda S. Taglialatela

U.S. Ambassador to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and OECS

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  1. Benson Plaugh-Feddows says:

    Thanks for your service on behalf of the USA Government and people. All the best in your future endeavors. Vaya con Dios!

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