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Passion fruit
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A 44-year-old farmer was fined EC$300 for stealing passion fruit from another farmer’s farm. 

Glenroy Yorke of Sandy Bay, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on a criminal trespass charge.

However, prosecutor, Corporal of Police Delando Charles told Magistrate Bertie Pompey that he was withdrawing that charge and substituting it with a theft charge.

Yorke pleaded guilty to a charge that on Nov. 15, 2023 at Orange Hill, he stole eight pounds of passion fruit, valued at EC$40, the property of Headley Nanton, of Orange Hill.

According to the facts read by the prosecutor, Nanton occupies two acres of land next to the defendant at Orange Hill. 

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At about 5:40 p.m., on the date, Nanton went to his farm and met the defendant on his land with a shirt filled with passion fruits.

When questioned, Yorke told Nanton he picked the passion fruit for himself and a friend. He also gave Nanton the passion fruits he had in his shirt.

In mitigation, Yorke told the court he went on Browne’s farm to look for a ladder he had lent the virtual complainant. 

Yorke said he did not see Nanton so he picked the passion fruit to make juice.

The magistrate fined him, EC$300 to be paid in one month or three months in prison.