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Sylvester Ambrose Simmons
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The Sylvester Ambrose Simmons Memorial Foundation has launched the first of its weekend of boat races to be held March 16 and 17.

The charity, which was launched in August 2023, plans to hold the races annually on the weekend closest to St. Vincent and the Grenadines Heroes’ Day — March 14.

The sailing tourney is held in honour of Simmons’ commitment to community causes in Bequia and the wider Grenadines.

“While the causes to which he was associated are many, his enthusiasm for marine activities, especially those which bring communities together, and enhance the relevant skills in youths, was never in doubt,” a press release said. 

“The weekend of races helps to maintain both of those and, equally, the Grenadines it will reignite the associated passion and atmosphere of the ‘Whitsuntide Boat of Race’ of yesteryear.”

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The foundation said that guided by its planning team, it invested much time and effort to ensure the weekend event is a memorable one.

“Boats of all classifications (18-footers, 14-footers, etc.) and sailors from across the state, including thirty single-sailing youths (optimists) will display an unbelievable spectacle in Admiralty Bay as they vie for the coveted Sylvester Ambrose Simmons Cup over several races.

“Background music, stalls selling food and drinks, and of course, stimulating debates among shore-captains, climaxing with an award ceremony, will contribute much to an exciting weekend. Do not miss it! Join the fun!”

The foundation said it relies on support from its members, and donations to fund its other objectives, including support for educational, social, and cultural initiatives and youth development.

One reply on “Inaugural Sylvester Ambrose Simmons sailing cup slated for March 16-17”

  1. I wish to vigorously applaud this initiative and event. Having known Sylvester since I was a very young boy journeying regularly to Bequia with my brothers to spend time with our grandmother, Mammie or Aunt Dogma as she was known to all and sundry, making time to go to Lower Bay to visit Sylvester and Mackie was a must even before he got married to our cousin Joan, I think that I can attest to his love of the sea and of sailing. Whether is was on his sailboat to do early morning fishing, mor on the bridge as master of a ship plying international waters, he was equally at home. He encouraged youngsters in Bequia to sail, including his own offsprings. He devoted a lot of time and effort to the Bequia Easter Regetta, especially the local fishing boat component. This event is a most fitting tribute and memorial. I could hear his soft chuckle and his soft voice, “we have to do our best and to encourage the youngsters to keep up with our history and traditions” Hats off to those behind this, and here is an imaginable sip of a good drink at the counter of De Reef with Sylvester.

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