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The defendant, Ocaniff Glasgow.
The defendant, Ocaniff Glasgow.
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A man who was serving a six-month sentence will spend an additional four months in prison for assaulting a relative. 

Magistrate Bertie Pompey handed down the sentence on Ocaniff Glasgow, 27, of Dickson, Georgetown, after finding him guilty of a charge that on Nov. 1, 2023 at Dickson, he assaulted Miles Horne, also of Dickson, occasioning actual bodily harm. 

The investigator, Police Constable 605 Mc Dowald, testified that the virtual complainant, 18, and the defendant are related but they do not get along.

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On the date, about 4:30 p.m., Horne went to a football match at the Dickson Methodist School.

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He stooped to tie his shoe lace and as he was standing up, the defendant approached him and raised his knee striking Horne on the nose and began beating him across his face.

The coach separated them but the defendant continued beating Horne.

The two relatives continued fighting and they fell to the ground.

The matter was reported to the police who issued Horne with medical report forms.

Glasgow told the court that he had nothing to say. 

The prosecutor informed the court that Glasgow has similar convictions, adding that the defendant was not showing “any remorse or anything; nothing at all”.

The magistrate pointed out that all of Glasgow’s convictions are for offences of a similar nature.

The prison sentences will run consecutively.

Glasgow is also awaiting his April 15 trial on a charge of trespassing with intent to commit an offence, to wit wounding.

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  1. How these boys are going to survive if all I am hearing is jail time. Where in the world these guys is going to mature into young men. Let them fight.

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