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Macy Baptiste of Sandy Bay Secondary School receives the winner's trophy.
Macy Baptiste of Sandy Bay Secondary School receives the winner’s trophy.
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Macy Baptiste of Sandy Bay Secondary School defeated students from three other schools in eastern St. Vincent to win the Adelphi Secondary School’s inaugural National Heroes Day Public Speaking Competition, on Wednesday.

Baptiste won both the prepared and the impromptu speeches categories.

Dilesia Texeria of the Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia, placed second and Ebony Nanton of the St. Clair Dacon Secondary School placed third, leaving Nicholas Clark of the Adelphi Secondary in the cellar position.

Publci Speaking
From left, Ebony Nanton, St. Clair Dacon Secondary, Macy Baptiste of Sandy Bay Secondary, Dilesia Texeria of Emmanuel High Mesopotamia and Nicholas Clark of Adelphi Secondary.

Organisers of the competition said that eight schools from Mesopotamia to Sandy Bay were invited to compete.

“All participants presented a prepared speech on the topic, ‘Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer is St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ first and only national hero. Using a criterion for national hero, who should be our next national hero and why?”

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The students delivered their impromptu speeches on the topics, social media, Vincy van culture, school rules, and Easter.

“The [language] department looks forward to making this event an annual event and hopes that more schools from the countryside will enter next year,” organisers said.