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The Cane End Playing Field.
The Cane End Playing Field.
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The opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) says it is working to draw attention to the poor condition of playing fields and hard courts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The party said it had shared on social media videos and photos of playing areas that show broken walls and playing surfaces.

“The videos and photos from different constituencies show that the problem exists in the entire country. The ripped-up hard court in Sion Hill and collapsed wall at an abandoned playing field in Fair Hall are two of many such examples,” the party said.

“The government must repair urgently these hard courts and playing fields,” the party quoted its president, Opposition Leader Godwin Friday as saying.

“We all know of a local playing area that has been allowed to fall apart. It is not good enough. The young people in our country deserve better. They need places for playing sports with their friends and developing their talents,” Friday said.

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Meanwhile, MP for East Kingstown, Fitz Bramble said the NDP knows the value of sports to young people and to the country.

“That is why we have devised the National Athlete Programme, as the government has woefully neglected sportspeople. We are calling on the government to improve the conditions of playing fields and hard courts in villages and around the country to give people a place to develop their skills. They make empty promises and pledges on sports and the poor state of playing fields and hard courts demonstrate that,” said Bramble, a national goalkeeper. 

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  1. Take warning says:

    Their only concern is to be in power , no love for the people, the people purpose is voting cows, it is said that black people is only to be used.

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