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Minivans servicing the Kingstown-Gomea, Collins, Evesham, Carriere and Mt Pleasant routes have announced that they will withdraw their service on Monday and Tuesday.

“All minivan operators in these areas have agreed to halt all operations on the aforementioned strike days,” the operators said in a statement.

“This strike comes as a result of the poor road conditions that have inflicted unjustifiable wear and tear and parts replacement on the minivans and private vehicles that operate on these roads.”

The operators further said that the recent increase in vehicle license fees has “added an even greater financial burden on minivan operators.

“The deplorable state of the roads has been overlooked for too many years, which has been deemed by the minibus drivers as unacceptable and has left them demanding better roads.”

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A statement said that the minivans that will withdraw their service apologise for any inconvenience their action may cause to their customers “but implore the necessity of these actions to ensure the safety and longevity of all road users.

“The strikes seek to protest the poor conditions of the roads, and the operators are prepared in the instance that they do not receive a satisfactory response by the relevant officials, to proceed with further strikes,” the statement said.  

2 replies on “Some Marriaqua vans to withdraw service on Monday and Tuesday”

  1. Kesslon Wilson says:

    I applaud them for this! I hope that other drivers on other routes follow suit! If some roads could be fix for CELAC officials, then all the roads can be fixed for Vincentian citizens. Enough Is Enough!

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