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Winners of the New Song competition, XO and Ezra.
Winners of the New Song competition, XO and Ezra.
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A talented duo, XO and Ezra, rocked the crowd with their song “Ouuie”, to capture the new song competition during the North Leeward Carnival launch on Monday, at Chateaubelair Playing Field. 

The launch was held under the theme: Revel in the Excitement, Enter the Fete Zone. 

The large crowd was treated to a cultural presentation, new songs from upcoming artistes from North Leeward and performances from some of SVG’s best soca artistes. 

The activities got underway with live pan music from Chateaubelair resident Olo, who was moments later involved in a face-off with XO and Ezra of Petit Bodel for the best new song title.

The oldest man in the competition had the crowd in a frenzy with his catchy song, “Bush for Cold”,  but in the end, the youthfulness of XO and Ezra got the better of Olo’s experience. 

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The duo performed their song much to the crowd’s pleasure, who showed their approval with loud cheers and waving of hands.

North Leward carnival crowd
Patrons enjoy themselves at the launch of the North Leeward Carnival in Chateaubelair on Monday.

For their success, they will receive prize money and season passes to all events hosted by the North Leeward Sports and Cultural Organisation (NLSCO) during the carnival season. 

The other competitors were Baygon, Sleepy, Leo, CO XIO, and Adam, the youngest participant. 

The crowd was thoroughly entertained by some of SVG’s leading soca artistes, including Fligh, Ozarie, Keith Currency, Fonando D Bambooman, Casper G and Dha D.

The launching commenced with speeches from officials, including Minister of Tourism and Culture Carlos James, who is also MP for North Leeward.

James commended NLSCO for putting together the carnival activities in the constituency. 

“I want to say this is one of the best rural carnivals in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and we have to keep it that way,” James said. 

He called on the public to support NLSCO to ensure a “beautiful, well-attended, well-celebrated rural carnival in North Leeward.

The experienced Olo in the New Song Competition
The experienced Olo in the New Song Competition.

The tourism minister said he had been having discussions with the Carnival Bands Incorporated and several mas bands are interested in spreading their costumes in rural areas. 

He, therefore, appealed to NLSCO to work with the CBI to have carnival costumes built in North Leeward. 

“And we can have our own masqueraders here in Chateaubelair during our festival here in the rural carnival,” James said.

He promised that he would work with the National Lotteries Authority and the Carnival Development Corporation to ensure that sufficient funds are injected into rural carnivals this year.

The MP also spoke about his interest in seeing a steel orchestra from North Leeward participating in the national carnival. 
Meanwhile, president of NLSCO, Elron Lewis, appealed for a safe carnival. 

“North Leeward Carnival for the past year has been one of the best and we have to continue along that way. So we want to invite everybody to come to all the activities and let us make North Leeward Carnival the safest carnival in SVG,” Lewis said.

The other activities for the North Leeward Carnival are a wet fiesta on June 1; the Soca Monarch Competition at the Petit Bordel Hard Court on June 8; and the Kiddies Carnival at the Chateaubelair Playing Field on June 9; Nasty in White Jouvert Party on the Petit Bordel Hard Court on June 14; Jouvert and Street Jump Up on June 15; Brunch Soiree on June 16; and Tropical Paradise Summer Bliss on Aug. 3.