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Grade K students, from left, Harmony Simon, Destiny Simmons and Maya Thomas
Grade K students, from left, Harmony Simon, Destiny Simmons and Maya Thomas
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The Belair Government School Parents Teachers Association (PTA) held its annual award and prize-giving ceremony at the Glad Tidings Tabernacle in Gomea alongside the school’s Grade 6 graduation on June 14.

The ceremony saw nine students awarded gifts and trophies for outstanding performances throughout the 2023-2024 academic year. 

One teacher was rewarded for serving at the school for 10 years. 

The PTA Awardees for Most Outstanding Student are as follows:

  • Grade K: Harmony Simon
  • Grade K: Destiny Simmons
  • Grade K: Maya Thomas
  • Grade 1: Iyanna Miller
  • Grade 2: Caleb Nichol
  • Grade 3: Lyniah Francois
  • Grade 4: Cheyanne Enville
  • Grade 5: K’nia Findlay
  • Most Responsible Student (Grade 6): Chase Franklyn
Iyanna Miller Caleb Nichol and Lyniah Francois
From left, Grade 1 — Iyanna Miller; Grade 2 –Caleb Nichol and Grade 3 — Lyniah Francois.

“Today is the day that culminates seven years of primary school learning. From 1+1=2 to 12×12=144. From ‘A for apple, B for bat’ to ‘A for Android to B for Bluetooth’, you have learnt that you can manipulate different numbers in order to get a desired answer,” PTA President Joseph Bascombe said at the ceremony.

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“You have also learnt that letters in the alphabet have different meanings based on the environment you are in. Today is the day that brings joy to many and sadness to some.” 

Bascombe also encouraged the students to use the internet wisely as a means of educating themselves. 

He encouraged parents and guardians to begin to prepare for the next step in their child’s educational journey. 

“l know this is a very proud yet anxious moment for you because you know that your little one is moving on to bigger and more challenging things,” Bascombe said.

Cheyanne Enville and KNia Findlay
Grade 4 — Cheyanne Enville, left, and Grade 5 — K’Nia Findlay.

“They would be moving into environments that require you to pay more attention to them and l pray that you continue to play your role as parents and guardians and do it well.” 

He asked the PTA awardees to be consistent in their efforts. 

“Over the years, l have seen students fall off the list of Most Outstanding Students. These awards by no means should tell you that you are the best but they should tell you that your potential has been recognised and that you have to be consistent in keeping a standard,” he said.

Chase Franklyn
Most Responsible Student (Grade 6): Chase Franklyn receives his award from PTA President, Joseph Bascombe.

Meanwhile, teacher Ashean Sam received a plaque and a gift basket compliments in recognition of her 10 years of service to the school.  

The Annual PTA Awards and Prize Giving Ceremony began in 2018 under Joseph’s presidency.