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tables will turn
This photo, captured from a video, shows a scene in “Tables Will Turn”.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent — Jems Theatre Company is bringing its play “Tables Will Turn” back to St. Vincent from July 12 to 15 and to Bequia on July 16, six years after it was first staged here.

“Tables Will Turn” is the third play by Vincentian Jerol Huggins Jackson, who is also director, producer and a member of the cast.

“My vision is to take our culture to the world because it is almost impossible to take the world to our culture,” Jackson told I-Witness News.

Tables Will Turn is poignant, funny, and provocatively entertaining that gives real meaning to the popular expression “If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones,” Jackson said.

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The play depicts the every day struggles of an unemployed West Indian woman who is dependent on her relatives in the diaspora. She criticises the world, including the people she is dependent on — “she bites the hand that feeds her”.

The dialogue throughout the play races with intensity. On a moral level, it captures the shortcomings in one’s thinking, reasoning, attitude and behaviour when faced with situations that can mar social and intimate relationships forever, Jackson further stated.

The play touches on love, betrayal, death and HIV and brings to the fore the reality that HIV is not solely a disease transmitted among homosexuals.

The production opened in New York in 2006 at the Paul Robeson Theatre, the first Caribbean off Broadway play to open in a major theatre in the United States, according to Jackson.

Among the audience was then insurance executive, now Tourism Minister, Cecil “Ces” McKie, who was so impressed that he invited Jems to bring the play to SVG.

The play was staged in St. Vincent at the end of 2006 and proceeds were donated to the Rotary Club towards the construction of a children hospital in St. Vincent.

Jem then took the play back to New York then to Montreal, Toronto, and Miami.

According to Jems, Rose Gonzales of the Miami Harald said, “‘Tables Will Turn’ is an eye opener into the reality of love, lies, betrayal, adultery, HIV and the unthinkable that may unfold in a relationship. It definitely gives to the real meaning if you live in a glasshouse don’t throw stones … It is a must see. It will have you intrigued from start to finish.”

Jems quotes Randy Dopwell of VibesCaribbean as describing the play as “Very, very funny! Can’t stop laughing!”

“Funny! Belly laughs all the way!” Jem sites Keren Hinds, “The Workplace Success Expert” as saying of the production.

Dr. Rosmond Adams said, “Tables will turn is a true expression of Vincentian culture. It brings on stage humour yet the reality of our unique Vincentian Civilization. All Vincentians should be able to identify with it and to embrace it,” the theatre further stated.

For the July production the theatre has teamed up with several local organizations to assist in raising funds on their behalf.

Part proceeds will go to Bishop’s College, the Grammar School, School for Children with Special Needs, Jaycees, the Medical Association, Leave Out Violence in SVG, Bequia Reading Club, and Jems Progressive Community Organization.

After St. Vincent, the play will be staged to the British Virgin Island, and London.

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