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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, April 22, IWN – As relatives and friend of Rosette Samuel look for answers as to why she shot and killed her 1-year-old son, his father, and then herself in New York last week, two notes found at her apartment in Flat Bush might provide some answers.

Police in New York told the New York Times that Samuel’s official record did not appear to indicate that she was troubled.

The New York Times has reported that Samuel wrote a note to her 19-year-old son from a previous relationship.

The son jumped through a window during the shooting and called police.

The other note was to one of Samuel’s aunt, who she hoped would watch over the older son.

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The notes did not contain Samuel’s motivation for killing the father of her child, the police said, but wrote to her eldest son that she killed his infant brother so he would not be a burden to his older brother.

Police were still investigating a third note was torn up and submerged in the toilet, The New York Times reported.

Father torn up

Samuel’s father, Grenville Parsons, was too torn up to talk when I-Witness News visited him at his Penniston home for a second time late last week.

“He is sitting right there (inside the house) but he can’t deal with this right now,” a female resident at Parson’s Penniston home told I-Witness News on Thursday.

The woman said that the family is trying to comfort Parson, who is trying to come to terms with the reality of what his oldest daughter has done.

“He is an ageable (elderly) man. He is 75,” the woman who answered the door, further said.

“He can’t deal with that right now (talking about the incident).

Parsons, as well as Samuel’s other relatives, was greeted with the shocking news of what transpired in New York last week Monday, where she has been a cop for 13 years.

She had been living in the United States for more than 20 years.

“I just can’t see her doing that,” Zina Jack, told I-Witness News hours after the shooting.

She said Samuel was scheduled to bring the baby to St. Vincent when she visits in June.

Rosette is the second member of her family to have been implicated in a heinous crime.

Shorn Samuel, a younger brother, beheaded a young woman at a bus terminal in Kingstown in front of horrified onlookers on December 2006.