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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, May 20, IWN – This country has recorded yet another homicide, the second in a week, fourth this month, and the sixth since April 29.

Reports reaching I-Witness News indicate that a man was shot and killed in Paul’s Avenue Sunday morning.

The man, said to be a drug addict, is the second persons to be shot and killed in the Central Kingstown community this month.

Reports indicate that he was shot while he slept. It is not immediately clear if he died on the spot.

The death in the city, come on the heels of the murder of 50-year-old eddo farmer Elias “Hammer” Jackson in the mountains of the agricultural community of Vermont on May 19.

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Meanwhile, on April 28, Andrew Ashton, 51, was shot and killed in Rose Place.

One day later, Helen Renita Fox of Lodge Village was murdered.

Devon “Jahjus” Steele, 33, was gunned down on May 5 at Rose Place, Kingstown.

That same night, Naphtali Diaz, 27, died after being shot in the head in Paul’s Avenue.

2 replies on “SVG records 6th murder since April 29”

  1. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”..take it anyway you please.

    I could be wrong, but these shootings seem related, given the places and they manner they were committed…these shootings appear to be retaliatory in nature…Once upon a time in Vincyland, gun Violence was a rarity, nowadays, it has become common place and the choice of weapon for the criminal element in Vincyland. It’s a lucky thing we have an astute Police Commissioner who knows what he is doing. With Commissioner Miller at the helm, I am confident that the shooter will be caught and given a job as a police officer.

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