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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves speaking at the press conference in Kingstown last week.
Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves speaking at the press conference in Kingstown last week.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, May 20, IWN – Vincentians in “voluntary exile” who fancy themselves the nation’s next leader but have never run “a fowl coop” have been criticised by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for their “general antipathy and suspicion”.

Gonsalves’ criticism came at a media conference last week as he spoke about the importance of balance when managing the economy.

“But when we get foreign direct investment, even before a foreign direct investor sets up shop, or a local investor, you begin to hear complaints about this or that and you begin to hear people on the Internet, ‘Well this fella was once bankrupt, where are you going with him?’”

Gonsalves, who is also Minister of Finance, asked if bankruptcy is a problem, why are so many U.S. states trying to woo Donald Trump, who has been bankrupt multiple times.

“It (bankruptcy) is a form of business arrangement to put yourself in order and come back again,” he said.

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He added that while citizens have to cut out their “general antipathy and suspicion”, the State also has to be careful about investor.

“We have to be careful whom we get, make sure they are not involved in money laundering, make sure they are not involved in drug trafficking, trafficking of persons or the financing of terrorism or any such activities. But you are not looking for candidates to be pope, when you are looking for an investor, or somebody to be canonised as saint,” he said.

He said citizens know these things.

“But we allow one or two people to run us in directions which are entirely unproductive and wasting time with the discussion.

“And, invariably, some of these persons have no interest in setting back foot in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but just want to create mischief.

“And some of them are frustrated politicians. I believe for every five of 10 educated Vincentians overseas who have an interest in politics, … they fancy themselves as the next prime minister, they have every solution to everything under the sun, everything is Ralph’s fault, just give them a chance.

“But they might be in Brooklyn or Toronto, they never run a fowl coop in their life, they jump on the train, they go to work on mornings, they work somewhere, they get the money to go back, they eat some food, they drink two beers, they jump on the Internet and they start to imagine themselves —

“It is a nice, voluntary exile, creates a particular kind of mind-set with some people. And, of course, we have some in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. But, what we need is hard work and smart work, disciplined work. That is how we have to grow,” Gonsalves said.

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, we mistakenly wrote “fowl coup”. The correct term is “fowl coop”.

25 replies on “PM knocks fanciful Vincies in ‘voluntary exile’”

  1. IWN I assume that what the PM said is that “they never run a fowl coop”, not “coup” Are we so far from the days when just about everyone reared some chickens and had a fowl coop? “Coup” is a short form of a French expression “coup d’etat” pronounced coo-day-tah and it means the seizure of state power, and even the shortened form is not pronounced “coop” it is “coo”. (Which reminds me of one of our former TV news readers, who I thought knew better, reporting something about the then Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide and pronouncing his first name like the English “Jean”).

  2. And as for our dear PM – given that he is forever meeting with the Vincy Diaspora to discuss events in SVG, this speech comes across as a politician who is well pleased when people, overseas or at home, agree with him but looks to denigrate anyone who disagrees.
    Yes, we do need to be sure that prospective investors are not money launderers or drug dealers But we also need to be wary of someone who used the same business model elsewhere and ended up bankrupt. In fact we need to ask careful questions of anyone who was bankrupt, not necessarily because we would never have them invest here, but in order to find out what caused the difficulties they faced in their previous business venture/s, and to see whether the same problems might not arise here. Our problem is that we often do not have access to the kind of resources that would enable us get that necessary information. A Google search for the proposed investor’s name would no doubt produce scores of articles, but we still have to weigh them and assess the accuracy of what is being said there. And the countries from which the investors come are not necessarily going to give us the help we need, because sometimes they are so keen to sell their products to us that they might support some very dodgy (from our point of view) characters. The reason why the British are now interested in the particular investment by the former bankrupt that I think the PM has in mind is not because they are concerned about SVG. It is that thousands of British people invested life savings and pension funds, and even mortgaged homes to invest in the projected holiday properties in SVG, Barbados, St Lucia and the Dominican Republic, and apparently only the 300 units in SVG have so far been built. The investors are therefore concerned and the British Serious Fraud Office is investigating.
    One of the things we have to guard against is that we don’t become so enamored with the investors and the projects that they propose, that we become blind to possible danger signals. We did that with Ottley Hall. And it’s not only St Vincent that has this problem. Barbados was still officially singing the praises of the proposed development there at about the time that the present UK investigations started, and just about every other Caricom country has had its experience of the grand investment that has proven to be anything but. And about the last people to admit that anything was going wrong have been the politicians concerned.

  3. I wonder how many persons were given high level government appointments in the last 12 years and “..they never run a fowl coop in their life”.

    And what is wrong with persons imagining and aspiring to be Prime Minster of the country of their birth? Does one have to be pre-approved or given birth right for it to be before it being acceptable to dream of being Prime Minster?

    How many years did Mr Gonsalves “fancy” being prime minister when he first had “interest in politics”. How many times did he run and loose his seat while he “fancy” becoming Prime Minster?

  4. The folks in New York and Toronto are speaking for those in SVG because they are afraid for the jobs, silent and outright hostility, if they are critical of Ralph. A typical example is the teacher who was moved to REMO and then fired. His tactics of intimidation may work in SVG, but not in NY and TO. Folks in both cities have independent minds to think for themselves, instead of taking every crap Ralph say as gospel.
    Everything that moves in SVG is done with orders from the PM. Hence the buck stops with the him. He’s always doing an Ali shuffle to avoid his responsibilities. He is even taking people to court, when folks ask hard and pointed questions, where the magistrates and judges are his handpicked puppets. Another typical example is his threat to take the opposition leader to court.
    Whatever good or bad happens to and in SVG is on Ralph’s watch. He is responsible for everything that happens in SVG. And should accept those responsibilities, instead of trying to impoverish Vincentians so they’d have to “come to papa”. Vincentians are still his slaves and he has many house niggers to carry on his oppression.
    Now he’s off on a tangent again to deflect criticism, with his “people in NY and TO want his job”. Being critical of Ralph doesn’t mean someone wants his job. It’s a lame excuse to stifle criticism. It’s not going to work until he starts treating all SVG nationals as equals and with respect. It doesn’t matter if they voted for the ULP. They are all Vincentians and should be treated fairly and with dignity.
    If it’s getting too hot in the kitchen then get to hell out.

  5. It is good to know that the fanciful Vincies in voluntarily exile, like myself, is giving Gonsalves sleepless nights Having to be up all night reading our comments and then coming in press conferences to defend his actions or in some instances inaction, priceless! Now this leads me to another point. if Gonsalves is so worked up about what folks are saying on the Internet, then somebody is not doing an effective job in countering these fanciful Vincies…mm, is this not the job of the RESIDENT ULP APOLOGIST ON HERE AND ON EVERY FORUM WHERE GONSALVES NAME IS MENTIONED?

    Mr Prime Minister, do you know if it wasn’t for these fanciful Vincies in voluntarily exile, your people would be in a more precarious state than they are now?. Moneygram and Western Union have to be the two most booming businesses in the country. Mr Prime Minister, its not the fanciful Vincies in voluntarily exile you should be worried about…but the Vincies at home who will voluntarily put you in political exile in the not so distant future.

  6. Gonsalves is a man whom I admired over 30 yrs ago. Some pepole may think that when others expressed their views they hate Gonsalves. People have the right to state how they feel all over the world. I commend Gonsalves on the good things he did. I admire his aspiration for an international airport but not too sure if I agree with all the steps he took towards the construction of that airport. There were other built-up he established such like bridges, roads and buildings that were good. But when the Prime Minister name is involved in nasty sex scandals, bad handling of Government funds,and the Govt under his administration is involved in firing certain people may due to their own freedom of speech or for supporting the wrong party is unlawful and people have to criticise; criticism at this point is inevitable and Gonsalves should know that. This Prime Minister,put his own son as US ambassador. What did he run before US Ambassador? I am also sure he appointed others in similar styles. He spoke about people abroad and money laundering. Why did he cover for his cousin with that 1 million $$ US. Was that ‘laughtering’ or laundering. Gonsalves wants people to think that they are incapable of running for PM. Gonsalves must stop looking down on people like that. If some one had told me Gonsalves would have changed his mind set- personality like that I would have doubted them 100%. Pessimists had also thought that Obamma could never be President in America. Gonsalves must learn to accept that he is not invincible and that by now vincentians realized that the people whom he choose to high positions are not intelligent over some other he didn’t choose and its only just another abuse of power. It’s time Gonsalves understand that St.Vincent and the Grenadines is a free enterprise and equal opportunity for all vincentians whether home or abroad and that is the true meaning of democracy. Vincentians should never make Gonsalves scare them with court threats police tactics,firing from jobs and homelessness or they will loose their freedom ,rights and democracy to the Vincentian Ruler,Ralph Gonsalves.

  7. There are different types of bankrupts, I am not sure if Dave Ames was personally bankrupt or if it was one of his previous companies that was bankrupt. What we do know is that the British Government organisation Companies House, deemed his behaviour in particular, serious enough to ban him from being a director of any UK company, for a number of years.

    Here we have Gonsalves still trying to support this man and Harlequin, when there is enough evidence to warrant an in depth investigation into Ames and Harlequin. The danger is that Gonsalves with his rhetoric will give comfort to future investors to pour even more money into this ailing company.

    We do not Expect saints but we do expect integrity, financial and social.

    How on earth do we answer a man that attacks everyone, now attacking those in the Diaspora, attacking those second rate worthless dirty dogs now in exile. Those that support him and agree with him are wondrous beings, the others are the chicken coop brigade.


    I have a FEELING that Dr. Gonsalves WORDS are AIMED DIRECTLY at some of these individuals.

    TEACHERFAG aka SAADISS (you can change your alias, but you cannot change your ONE DIMENSIONAL THOUGHT PROCESS) has been spreading his comical and abrasive writings on the Internet for over a decade, with the hope that one day the NDP will win the general election and he will so benefited with a JOB at home.

    In other words, these fellas are not about SVG.

    They are all about their SELF INTEREST and not about NATION BUILDING. This is why they do not support the vision (policies, plans and programmes) of this government has implemented towards the forwards the FORWARD PROGRESS and DEVELOPMENT of SVG.

    They like to talk about VICTIMISATION, but I do not see them talking about the victimization meted by Arnhim Eustace’s secretary.

    Eustace fired his secretary of 12 years, because of COMMESS, and now he has been delaying going to the labour board to answer questions filed by his secretary.

    If this news story, which Kenton Chance has CONVENIENTLY not followed up on, was about Dr. Gonsalves firing his secretary of 12 years without a severance package or simply based on COMMESS, the likes of Peter, PVPALMER, TEACHERFAG, PROFDASILVA and all the other USUAL SUSPECTS would have been MAKING NEGATIVE POST after NEGATIVE as if their LIVES DEPENDED on it.

    These fellas are just “RALPH HATAS,” nothing more, nothing less.

    In other words, they do not have the BEST INTEREST of SVG at heart, because their personal interest always comes first.

    By the way, I still get a kick out of reading the comments from Peter, ProfSilva, Eric Williams, Teacherfag and the other usual suspects on the BBC/Harlequin matter. They are all a BUNCH of JOKERS.

    It is a good thing that the government does not DEPEND on these CLOWNS for advice on how to govern this blessed nation called St. Vincent and the Grenadines, else we would be the LAUGHING STOCK of the region just as we were under the NDP government.

    1. Alyo sweet yes. The comments to these non-legit, non-news entity blog is nothing short of humous.

      I cut back on commetong too much here as I don’t have a clear yellow or red agenda.

      The funniest or saddest part to me is news items and comments or mostly based on who we trying to make look bad and never really the actually issue applied across the board.
      For instance lets talk about the treat of women only in the context of a particular female secretary being fire but don’t expand the discussion to include the 8 young women under 14 years raped and left to raise children, some how they don’t count.
      Lets make a point of a secretary not receiving severance as its a crime against humanity but don’t expand the discussion to include the Bottlers SVG worker, cause again the plight of one outweighs the many.
      Lets show how sickening and heartless it is for a secretary of 12yrs to now be without income but again don’t expand the conversation to include the irrigation workers that haven’t been fairly paid in so long, some of which I assume have been doing it for more than 12 years.

      We too funny yes. Once we have Red news and Yellow news, address Red issues and Yellow issues only, how can we talk about nation building and be serious.

  9. LOL. Sound like ralphie cut too close to the bone for some of you internet blowhards.
    Did ralphie say anything here that we don’t already know, and that people say all the time? Foreign immigrants (vincy, bajan, jamaican, nigerian, south african, etc) have ALL the answers, and can fix ANY local problem. Listen to them call in on the radios, listen to them when they come home for carnival.. “all we need to do is X”… “the PM so stupid, if he only did Y”… “this could never happen in [USA/Canada/UK], people just need to realise XYZ” and so on.
    And yes, most vincys who’ve been overseas think they would make a better PM than the PM. And yes, most of them are frustrated middle-managers in their new countries. And yes, this has been happening since the beginning of time. Allyou just vex cus the truth hurts, lol.

  10. ZHAO GOU, I don’t think many from the Diaspora would want to be PM of SVG. Most of them have jobs that pay more money than PM of SVG. Most of them are in the Diaspora because there are no jobs for them in SVG. They are away and most of them support their families in SVG financially. But I am sure each and everyone of them love and adore the place of their birth, they are proud to be Vincentian. Good, honest, decent, hardworking, inteligent and sharing people.

    Gonsalves who sees his sister Joan living in second rate rented accommodation in SVG. She worshiped Ralph, yet he just lets her fade into the background abandoned with no brotherly love. Its time he started to behave like someone she can be proud of again.

    One thing he needs to remember is that he will meet all the same people on the way down as he did on the way up, but without his 20 body guards.

    All those slaps that he got when he was in and about the MNU may well rain down once again.

    PROFDASILVA, unlike you prof, I never admired Gonsalves, I remember how all the old folks disliked him and used to call him a commi. The news papers were full every week of derogatory statements about him, he never sued anyone until he became PM. Then he only sues locals, the weak, never taking on foreigners outside the country, where things may be too equal. Anyone can look at the old back copies 1970’s 1980’s of all our newspapers, have a look and see what the people thought of him and his band of merry men. You will get the shocks of your lives when you read what the old folk said when writing in the newspapers every week.

    Ask the newspapers where their archives are kept, I think they are in the public record office. Fortunately I have every newspaper since 1958 to present day. Over the last couple of years I have read every relevant backcopy carrying Gonsalves, I can post some of the articles if anyone would like me to.

  11. Zhao,just like I respond to Gonsalves language,I will do the same for you too. Remember,there is nothing personal here,and I dont care who was or is in power, I will say the same thing. Read my previous response and then you will realize the mentality of the person writing. Now don’t stray away from the point, Ralph particularly mentioned Vincentian abroad, he didn’t talk about South American,South african or Jamaicans. Besides,what the hell do you know about the majority of Vincentians abroad? Do you tour these countries and do a person to person interview with Vincentians? Even if you travel and met a few “frustrated middle-managers” as you claimed or even if you read or heard about them;those may be just a handfull of odd ones. What about the evens! There are vincentian children, of Vincentians born parents who have come along way and have done well in foreign. Some became doctors,lawyers Judge,principals, heads of departments while others choose to run their own business. So don’t you ever think all Vincentians abroad lost their ambitions. Those people as Gonsalves imagined are [preoccupied only when they ride the train to work and then back home only to eat and drink beers]. But I think its the same people get on the train and shop to fill barrels to send to St.Vincent to people who are foodless and jobless.I think I can understand now why Gonsalves appoints most of the foreign positions to his hand pick vincentian who were never living abroad? Let me tell you something, Gonsalves has more education than wisdom. A wise ruler will not make such comments. A wise ruler will not get his name called up in all sorts of scandals. A wise ruler will manage the govt money and assets properly. You figure out the rest and stop hiding your face in a bag when you talking foolishness.

  12. @ZAHO GOU, I hope someone dont tell the new President of Venezuela what Ralph Gonsalves said about people aspiring to be leaders when they haven’t even run a fowl coop, because if they do, he wont get one red cent, (pardon the pun on RED). Venezuela’s President’s last job was a Cab Driver.

  13. ZHAO GOU, No one has all the answers and that’s why folks are critical of the government’s actions when it makes mistakes. People in the DIASPORA have a wider view of things than people in SVG. The advent of the Internet and the new technology has shown that what was impossible years ago are now possible. You see things as they are, we see things that have never been.
    We also pump million of dollars into the Vincentian economy. Hence we have a say in how things are done. So please don’t bite the hands that feed you.

  14. ERIC, no he wasn’t, he was a bus driver, apparently not very good at that, because they said he was not playing with a full deck.

    What he couldn’t run was a fowl smelling co-op, he didn’t run it because he didn’t have the intelligence.

    Remember the old saying the only good red is a dead red, well his predecessor was one of those, now he is one of those.

    Aspiring and the word aspirational are favourite words of Gonsalves, remember he eventually told the teachers that their agreement was only aspirational. And that was some considerable time after he told them it was the best agreement they ever had, and when it turned out to be unconstitutional and therefore unenforcable, he said he new when he signed it, it was unconstitutional, therefore unenforcable and was only meant to be aspirational.

    Now if that wasn’t just clear deception, I will eat my hat.

    ERIC, see how careful you have to be in case someone turns what you write into propaganda.

  15. VincyPowa you really have nothing to say this time, I just read your response and it some like some one confused about what to say as you try so hard to defend Gonsalves incredible, horrible,insane and empty remarks. So I supposed you will also make those remarks Gonsalves made because you see him only the”perfect chosen one”. It will not be a surprise to here you [“kneel,pray and worship Gonsalves too’] The bible says [‘thou shall not have any other gods before me’.] If you could have read and understand you would have understood exactly what I said concerning Gonsalves and stop spreading rumours and calling people names that they are Gonsalves haters. I always tell you boy, you are dumb and dumb you will remain for the rest of your life. Finally,I will say again people do not have to hate others to express their opinion about them. GO TO YOUR DICTIONARY OR CALL YOU PRIME MINISTER AND ASKED HIM TO TELL YOU THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PERSONAL HATED AND PERSONAL OPINION. Any vincentian who feel like participating in ST.Vincent leadership has the right to do so. Leaders rise and fall,its not a big deal although I give special honors to our past two famous carib chiefs.

  16. Peter you right on your comment, I had only admired Gonsalves at that time because he was a young lecturer I believe in Barbados and was moving into law. At that time I was a teenager and my objective in life was to keep studying and listening to educated people. But you right the man has changed and become an oppressor, raised taxes about three times,
    terminate hardworking people whom he dislikes from their jobs, give big raises to whom he chooses, and appoints whom he likes to big positions. Gonsalves acts like he will be a ruler for ever.

  17. I can’t speak for the others, but I don’t hate Ralph. I hate his behaviour and actions that destroy The Vincentian society. He also doesn’t speak the truth, but lies blatantly and makes no apology for his behaviour. Being critical of Ralph is not a sign of disliking him. If Arnhim was doing the same thing he would also come in my gun-sight. All Vincentians cannot be Ralph’s puppets, somebody has to speak up for those who are afraid because of the jobs, or their siblings job.
    I have been scratching my head, looking for something positive that this government has done for all Vincentians and I can’t come up with anything. Can you VINCYPOWA?

  18. Eric, you’re so IGNORANT and UNINFORMED that I one can only PITY you.


    Dr. Gonsalves was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT as we can see from these ARMCHAIR bloggers.

  19. ProfDasilva, there is no need to PROJECT THOUGHTS of self unto me.

    First off, you’re too DUMB to be a PROFESSOR, PERIOD, because your postings LACK any COGENT ANALYSIS as it PERTAINS to GOVERNANCE in SVG or even ASSESSING the LEADERSHIP QUALITIES and ABILITIES of Dr. Gonsalves. So right off the BAT we know you’re a person who FANTASIZE of being someone you’re not, thus you have NO CREDIBILITY.

    That said; Many persons in the Caribbean and beyond will tell you that Dr. Gonsalves is a LEADER without PEERS in the region.

    Who sees Eustace as a leader of a country instead of a mauby shop? Oh yeah, the FANATICAL and IMPOTENT SUPPORTERS of the NDP and the RALPH HATERS.

    By the way, when I get the OPPORTUNITY, I will post the audio of John Harke of the CLINTON FOUNDATION speaking about LEADERSHIP as he was making his PRESENTATION on the GEOTHERMAL ENERGY initiative in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    So while you NINCOMPOOPS continue to blog away your HATRED for the BEST LEADER in the REGION, PERIOD, and the BEST LEADER that St. Vincent and the GRENADINES have EVER HAD, PERIOD, his government continues with its VISION, PLANS, POLICIES, PROGRAMMES to DEVELOP and MOVE this NATION FORWARD. And so, the nation called St. Vincent and the Grenadines is not going back to the days of being the POOREST and the most ILLITERATE NATION in the OECS under the NDP.

    It is not going back to the days when FOREIGN so-called BUSINESS MEN used to have a FIELD DAY FOOLING the then NDP GOVERNMENT.

    It is not going back to the days when the then NDP GOVERNMENT used to SHIFT SYSTEM where KIDS used to go to school for HALF a DAY.

    It is not going back to the days when the then NDP GOVERNMENT used to SEND over 200 MILLION DOLLARS for a PROJECT that was only VALUED at 10 million dollars.

    It is not going back to the days when the NDP and their CRONIES used to sell themselves CROWN LANDS WAY below MARKET PRICE.

    We are not going back to the days when SQUATTING was the NDP’s GOVERNMENT definition of the HOUSING REVOLUTION.

    We’re not going back to the days when a FOREIGN CROOK WALKED away with TWO MORTGAGES for the FAILED COLONIAL HOMES at Diamonds under Arnhim Eustace and the NDP.

    It is not going back to the days when the NANO FAMILY WROTE the OFFSHORE BANKING LEGISLATION TABLED in the HOUSE of PARLIAMENT by the then NDP.

    We’re not going back to the days when another FOREIGN CROOK, escorted by the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the then NDP GOVERNMENT, WALKED out of the NCB with a MILLION DOLLARS, never to be seen again.

    We’re not going back to the days when James Mitchell and the NDP EMBARRASSED this NATION when he was INTERVIEWED on CNN.

    We’re not going back to the days when the NDP SOLD FOREIGNERS CROWN LANDS in CANOUAN for PEANUTS.

    We’re not going back to the days when NDP and their CRONIES BOUGHT CROWN LANDS way under MARKET VALUE while while in OFFICE.

    We’re not going back to the days when POOR PEOPLE used to receive 50 dollars per month for 16 CONSECUTIVE YEARS under the NDP government.

    We’re not going back to the days when Arnhim Eustace and the NDP used to have a surplus, yet the COUNTRY’s SCHOOLS and POLICE STATIONS were in a DILAPIDATED STATE.

    We’re not going back to the DAYS when the NDP used to say that a BRIDGE could not be BUILT OVER the RABACCA RIVER.

    We’re not going back to the LYING days when James Mitchell and the NDP claimed that they’re going to BUILD an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, and how he [James Mitchell] has the MONEY in his BACK POCKET but never did.

    We’re not going back to the days of BUILDING a CRUISE SHIP BERTH in an AREA that was not suitable for one, because it cannot be EXPANDED, and once was FLOODED by the HIGH SEA WAVES.

    We’re not going back to the days when over 50% of our SCHOOL KIDS could not ATTEND SECONDARY SCHOOL under the then NDP GOVERNMENT.

    We’re not going back to the days when it seems that it had more STREET KIDS than there were in the school system under the then NDP government.

    We’re not going back to the days of the CRAZY FELLA, who used to head the CWSA, and WHO STONED A CHURCH, used to TURN OFF THE WATER at STANDPIPES in SVG just because he FELT like it, under the then NDP GOVERNMENT.

    We’re not going back to the days when Kingstown was so FILTHY that a CRUISE SHIP refused to come back PORT KINGSTOWN under the then NDP government.

    We’re not going BACK tot he DAYS when we could not RECEIVE DEBT RELIEF from ENGLAND under the then NDP GOVERNMENT because of CORRUPTION

    We’re not going back to the days when the NDP sold the GOVERNMENT’S DISTILLERY to the GREAVES for PEANUTS, now that family is reaping the millions from that business instead of the TREASURY.

    We’re not going back to the days when the then NDP government closed down the sugar Mill factory, Diamond Dairy, Stone crushing plant, coconut oil factory, killed the Arrowroot industry, etc.

    We are not going back to the days when Georgetown was called “SUGAR CITY,” but when the NDP government was finished closing down all the businesses there, it was called a GHOST TOWN, because it led to THOUSANDS of Vincentians losing their jobs.

    I can go on and on about the MOST CORRUPT and INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT that this NATION has ever had, the NDP under James Mitchell and Arnhim Eustace.

    This is the PARTY and LEADER that these NINCOMPOOPS want to govern SVG once more.

    LAUGHABLE indeed, which is why Dr. Gonsalves’ statement about some Vincentians has much merit.

    See you around FAKE PROFESSOR…tell Bryan Alexander I said HI.

  20. Vincypowa boy here we go again. As you can’t get any one to support your only [Idol and religion]Ralph Gonsalves and his scornful and degrading remarks on the vincentians in Canada and the USA and also his remarks on foreign investors you start your dirty scandalous remarks again. Frankly,speaking, I am not a fan or fanatic like you to any political party. I told you over a year ago that I am a true patriot,one who cares about my country and not party and if NDP was in power right now and they had faultered I would have exercised my God given rights- my freedom of speek – just the same. So now because I not congruent with Gonsalves remarks,I am not qualified for my profession that provided for me over a decade [says VincyPowa boy].I am not even going there with you BOY ,as I do not expect any thing coming better from you,however if you want to know a bit about me,I will advise you to check with various Govt Departments.
    Next,I am not going to respond to ever thing you say because most of them lack merit and you cannot prove what you are saying as always. However, I will like you to support your LOUD MOUTH ,therefore please post the following PROOFS so that others reading your comments will not say you are not TELLING LIES ON THE NDP GOVT:

    Finally let me get you wise, each goverment before in SVG had done something constructively so that the next Govt can build on or use to its liberty.
    Don’t get upset now Powaboy you ask for it so you get it! Hope you have the guts to respond directly to the proofs with out circumnavigating like a lost captain.

  21. CATTLEHEAD WILLIAMS, time to stop your very ignorant, spiteful and evil renderings, full of malice and hatred. You are obviously seriously ill, no normal person would go to the lengths that you go to, to support this Marxist regime or its roly-poly leader.

    Like your leader you cannot write or speak a sentence without having a content of lies and half truths.

    You attack decent truthful people that write here, write the truth, and you come and try and countermand what they say with a barrage of lies and crap. The calling of silly names in an attempt to belittle them.

    I can well believe that you are an Obiman supporter, assisting in the Obeah rituals, I remember how when the first statement was made about the fat man saying “If I work Obeah I only work Obeah for the Lord” I remember how you tried to defend that, saying Obeah was compatible with Christianity.

    You have brought hatred to this new media site, you have attacked the editor, a superior being to yourself, someone with vastly superior intelligence and common decency, both qualities that you lack.


    FALSE EQUIVALENCE to me continues to be one the biggest problems we as a people face. it is always easy to make outlandish statements without basic supporting evidence adjusted and normalized to actually be of any sensible use.

    – Anytime a discussion can not be conducted without name calling and attacking individuals then its obvious we are not serious about nation building and moving forward. The willingness to make statements without references to documented facts. To somehow assume your opinion is FACT but the opposing opinion from others as COMESS when there are exactly the same.

    – 15 years ago the population of the county was heading towards 120,000 persons, today it is about 100,000, correct me if am wrong. So all my lack of cogent analysis will be based on this 15% population reduction and a 15 year datum.

    03 – We are not going back to the days when SQUATTING was the NDP’s GOVERNMENT definition of the HOUSING REVOLUTION
    – What is the increase in home construction and home ownership not subsidized by the government? Adjust this number for 15% population reduction.

    04 – It is not going back to the days when the then NDP GOVERNMENT used to SEND over 200 MILLION DOLLARS for a PROJECT that was only VALUED at 10 million dollars
    – Let’s assume the new airport will cost $750 million when its all said and done. How much do you think it will be valued 15 years from 2014, my guess is not even $250 million. It is a capital project and intended to spur growth not gain value with time as an asset. By the numbers, we overpaid by 1,900% for Ottley Hall as a country, how much will we have overpaid by for the airport as it was to cost the people of SVG $0, 750,000%. By the numbers, is this going back or forward?

    05 – We’re not going back to the days when over 50% of our SCHOOL KIDS could not ATTEND SECONDARY SCHOOL under the then NDP GOVERNMENT.
    – What percentage of student in secondary school now did not pass the common entrance exam? What percentage of students now set 8 or more cxc subject with 5 years of entering secondary school? What percentage pass rate per subject and overall, adjusting for the fact Grade 3 was not accepted as a PASS. Adjust for 15% population reduction, have we gone back or forward from 15 years ago ?

    – I wouldn’t even comment on negative news on the international scene.

    07 – how he [James Mitchell] has the MONEY in his BACK POCKET
    – No government ministers or associates in the last 15 years now have assets and investments not proportional to theirs disclosed salaries that they did not possess before ?

    08 – NDP used to have a surplus, yet the COUNTRY’s SCHOOLS and POLICE STATIONS were in a DILAPIDATED STATE
    – I totally agree with improving the condition of state owned assets. However there should be a proportional result for our investments. What is the corresponding decrease in crime to reflect this investment? Adjust for 15% population reduction, have we gone back or forward from 15 years ago ?

    09 – We’re not going back to the days when Kingstown was so FILTHY
    – REALLY ?? Look at the vending, begging and vagrant situation currently in our capital. Adjust for 15% population reduction, have we gone back or forward from 15 years ago ?

    10 – We’re not going back to the DAYS when the NDP used to say that a BRIDGE could not be BUILT OVER the RABACCA RIVER
    – I agree with you

    11 – I can go on and on about the MOST CORRUPT and INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT that this NATION has ever had, the NDP under James Mitchell and Arnhim Eustace.
    – You should stop making extreme statements like this when you have the same exact things happening now. I comment based only on what is officially reported in the news. You can’t have a government employee receive over 100 charges for stealing from the government, get bail, walk the streets for months then be allowed to sell family lands to repay funds taken. On the other hand we try to imprison someone for “ramming” parliament gate.


    All am saying we have to be serious, honest and open to discussion and comment without name calling and attacks if we serious about going forward. We most learnt to provide credible backup to statements, after all we are in the information age.

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