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Member Of Parliament For West Kingstown, Opposition Legislator Daniel Cummings (Internet Photo).
Member of parliament for west kingstown, opposition legislator daniel cummings (internet photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, May 20, IWN – West Kingstown representative, Daniel Cummings, who says his back was injured when opposition lawmakers were physically removed from Parliament two years ago, has told Parliament that the Speaker has “refused” to provide him a chair recommended by his neurosurgeon.

Reports say that Cummings, an opposition Member of Parliament, has had surgery to his back for injuries he reportedly sustained during the eviction.

Cummings told Parliament on Thursday that following treatment in Trinidad, the neurosurgeon wrote House Speaker Hendrick Alexander recommending that Cummings be provided with an “appropriate” chair.

“The neurosurgeon gave me a letter, which I communicated to you, including in it a quotation for an appropriate chair, as recommended by the specialist.

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Cummings said that firms in Trinidad have chairs “which are quite expensive” but suggested that one can be bought locally for $1,100.

“This morning, I have sat here for almost two hours now, and it is very uncomfortable. I wish to put on the record, Mr. Speaker, that this House has the responsibility to provide to anyone the conditions that will allow them to function effectively.

“And, therefore, Mr. Speaker, I wish to advise you that until such time, until you will do me the basic human courtesy, it is becoming impractical for me to remain in this House. Sitting there, thus far, Mr. Speaker, is becoming very, very uncomfortable.

“… It is apparent to me that you think eleven hundred dollars is too much to spend for the preservation of my health. I beg to differ very strongly and I issue my strongest protest,” Cummings said.

He said he has tried removing the cushion from the chairs in Parliament and had tried sitting on other chairs in the building.

“But, it seems to me, from the communication, that I have received from through the Clerk of the House, that you do not think that the matter is urgent and/or serious,” said Cummings, who subsequently left Parliament.

West Kingstown Mp, Daniel Cummings Says He Was Injured When Opposition Lawmakers Were Thrown Out Of Parliament Two Years Ago. (Internet Photo).
West kingstown mp, daniel cummings says he was injured when opposition lawmakers were thrown out of parliament two years ago. (internet photo).

But the Speaker, while saying he did not intend to debate the matter on the floor of the House, said:

“… whilst we … have acknowledged the letter, I did indicate to you that it is a matter on which I would want to have a personal discussion with you … Yes, I received a letter and it came from your consultant neurosurgeon… And, as you indicated, that you sent a quotation and also I observed the terms and conditions of that quotation.”

Alexander further told the lawmaker, “this whole matter has some historical perspective.

“And, of course, I acknowledge your situation and I don’t think it is the intention of this Honourable House or this Speaker to make the performance of anyone in this House uncomfortable, as it were.

“And, of course, as I said, I have been paying some attention to it and I have indicated to you that I will have some discussion on the matter. And that all I really intend to say at this moment,” the Speaker said.

Reports say that at least one legislator has taken legal action over the eviction and the Speaker’s response to Cummings’ request could have implications for any court battle.

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5 replies on “West Kingstown MP asks Speaker for special chair”

  1. I would RECOMMEND that the SPEAKER of the HOUSE gets a SECOND OPINION from a DIFFERENT NEUROSURGEON before any SPECIAL CHAIR for OVER a THOUSAND DOLLARS is SPENT on this MAN who STONED a CHURCH and said he will DO IT AGAIN…speaking of course about Daniel Cummings.

  2. Ok, let me feigned ignorance and pretend I do not know the genesis of which this complaint is based on. And given the fact that the court is involve, there maybe legal ramifications for conceding any semblance of accountability…so I have to ask, why is Cummings making this an issue in Parliament? Why not purchase the chair and ask for reimbursement from the Government at a later date? After all its your well being at stake. I am sure Cummings or the NDP have a grand to purchase this chair. Am I to believe, that Cummings is this wicked to himself to come to Parliament and sit in a chair for hrs, knowing full well that sitting in said chair could be detrimental to his health or the very least “uncomfortable” just to score political points? Naah couldn’t be.

  3. Folks look at the speakers comments in the sentences: “I have been paying some attention to it and I have indicated to you that I will have some discussion on the matter. And that all I really intend to say at this moment,” the Speaker said”.
    Of course he has to have some discussion on the matter with Ralph (come to papa). He also cannot say more until and unless Ralph give the orders. This entire episode is typically what happens to folks on the other side in SVG.
    This guy has been complaining of back pain for some time now. I am aware of his plight, because I also suffer from back pain. I believe the PM has a sofa in his office for the same reason – well it’s alleged it’s also used for other things. However the point remains that both men need that support to function properly – whatever they are doing.
    I will advise Cummings and Ralph to check the Internet for Dr. Ho’s belt. I cost $160US and it will greatly enhance their posture and reduce their back pains.
    I’d be glad to donate one to both men, that’s if they will accept it. I am aware how uncomfortable it to have back problems. Hence this has nothing to do with party – just back pain and helping others who suffer from it.

  4. For the life of me, I just do not understand why the speaker of the house needs to bring himself into disrepute all the time. I know that the man has little idea what is going on in the house. I am sure he is not in full realisation of how he is being used. I watch him carefully sometimes through opera glasses from the public gallery. He is always looking to Gonsalves with a big smirk on his face, as if to ask “how was that Papa, is that the way you said to do it”

    As many of you will be aware there are a number of people watching every sound and move, recording it for history. The Marxist’s will not be able to alter this history, because in this case its me that writing it. Speaker Alexander told Member of parliament Cummings, “this whole matter has some historical perspective” your damned right about that Mr Speaker, I will ensure that.

    Here you have a man seriously injured at the hands of the regime, who let their out of control police, brutalise members of the opposition, police acting just like a pack of out of control dogs.

    Then to compound matters they want to inflict further injury by refusing the man a chair, to allow him to carry out his obligation to the electorate.

  5. by the way does anyone know if the police were involved when his son sold his place of work a US$14 microphone for US$1400. I heared that instead of being grabbed and charged, he was promoted.

    Isn’t this part of a pattern?

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