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The scene of the accident in Layou.
The scene of the accident in Layou.
The scene of the accident in Layou.
The scene of the accident in Layou.

LAYOU, St. Vincent– Two boys, ages given as 4 and 6, were taken to hospital in Kingstown after being struck by a car in this Central Leeward town sometime before 8 a.m. Wednesday.

The boys, two first cousins, were crossing the Layou main road to return to their home after bathing at a river, town folks say.

One of the boys, who was lying on a “slow” sign in the road after the accident, had parts of his intestines hanging out.

They were both moving and police transported them to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, the nation’s premier healthcare facility, I-Witness News was told.

A woman who accompanied the boys to the hospital said that one of them began crying as doctors attended to him.

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Towns folks are voicing hope that the lads survive their injuries, even as they say too many road fatalities have occurred in the town.

Another boy, a brother of one the injured boys, was unhurt.

The car was driven by a female resident of the town I-Witness News understands.

Residents, while not commenting on the mishap, complained to I-Witness News about vehicles speeding through the town, notwithstanding the “slow” signs on the road.

Last year, two men from North Leeward died after being struck by a car while walking along a road in the town.

7 replies on “Two boys injured in accident in Layou”

  1. in these unfortunate situations we have to reign our feelings in and be patient to understand the facts otherwise we fuel anger and resentment in a situation that may simply be an unfortunate accident with no reason to blame. we know how youths can be on the road in their innocence and sometimes little ones need to be supervised by adults in places where danger exists. i have heard so many versions of this story within hours of its occurrence and heard many angry words only to find out that none had the story right. please let us be responsible in our thoughts and actions and the children be well in Jesus name

  2. I have repeated ask for speed bumps or something around Layou, especially across the Layou station. The vehicles travel too fast in the town. They should reduce the speed while entering any village or town. The area in front of the police station and in front my house has seen several accidents where folks were killed.
    Something has to be done because I had some close misses myself, crossing the road in front my house. It’s so dangerous that I walk on the built up sea front area to get away from speeding vehicles. These are things a town council can handle and that’s why I think they should be reintroduced.

  3. PVPALMER, town council/local government was part of the new constitution that the people rejected, courtesy of the NDP’s support for the NO VOTE in the referendum exercise.

  4. My feelings go out to these families, may God bless you.

    VINCYPOWA, its not unconstitutional to have council/local government, so the only reason according to your own reasoning, its a spite and malice thing, because the people didn’t want the new constitution. Its because they rejected a constitution that would of eventually led to a dictatorship being created in SVG, which was its sole purpose, everything else was whitewash.

    There is a need for road signage throughout SVG, speed limits, warnings etc.
    There are one way streets all over Kingstown, some with no signs to say one way.

    Its pure common sense that if there are no footpaths and properties, rum shops and shops open directly onto a road, greater care must be exercised by drivers.

    Those drivers that drive fast and without due care and attention, must be prosecuted to the full letter of the law. Even that can be a problem in SVG, with it being a selective process according to who is involved. Kids having accidents whilst riding motor bikes without road tax or insurance, get off if daddy is someone big.

    We can only blame this regime for the lack of signage and the big holes in the roads in Layou, vehicles having to dodge craters, but ultimately we must lay the blame squarely at the door of the PM, he has created the havoc in SVG, and failed to fund the services in favour of funding the Argyle airport.

    The price we are paying now for every wrong, crime explosion, out of control police, infrastructure maintenance failure, hungry children, no jobs, loss of bananas, crisis in agriculture, crisis in our hospital, is all the fault of Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves, prime minister of St. Vincent the Grenadines. Every last thing is created by him and his administration, or at the very least the climate and opportunity is created by him.

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