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Top performers

1st – Gian-Paul Baker, 95.16%, Kingstown Preparatory School

2nd – Areanna St. Luce, 94.89%, Calliaqua Anglican School

3rd – Kelcy Allen, 94.62%, Kingstown Preparatory School


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Number of students who passed

2,334 students registered for the exam

2,314 students wrote the exam

1,290 (55.74%) students passed

1,210 males wrote the exam

570 (47.11%) males passed

1,104 females wrote the exam

720 (65.22%) females passed



The criteria for determining the acceptable standards are:

1. Students earn at least half of the total marks available

2. Students earn not less than one-third of the total makers on any one paper


Highest average score: 95.16%

18 students earned more than 90% of the total marks

158 students scored 80% or more of the total marks


Subject performance – highest scores

General Paper – 96.67% — Kelcy Allen and Alyssa Patterson of the Kingstown Preparatory School and Delaan Nedd of St Mary’s Roman Catholic School)

English – 93.94% — Maya Abdoussala of CW Prescod Primary School

Maths – 100% — Mauriceo Bullock of Kingstown Preparatory School, Anthony Overing of Mustique Government School, Zoe Porter of Windsor Primary School, Kyle DaSilva of Richland Park SDA, Delaan Nedd of St Mary’s RC School, and Ryanna Gylnn of Georgetown Government School


First 10 places by school

Kingstown Preparatory School – 3 students

St. Mary’s R.C. School – 1 student

Calliaqua Anglican School – 1 student

Lodge Village Gov’t School – 1 student

Windsor Primary School – 1 student

Richland Park SDA – 1 student

Biabou Methodist School – 1 student

Mustique Government – 1 student