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Dwaine Sandy. (IWN photo)
Dwaine Sandy. (IWN photo)

Police have identified another suspect as their investigations into the robbery and shooting in Kingstown last week Thursday continues, a police source told I-Witness News on Thursday.

The constabulary, however, is still keeping Dwaine Sandy in custody for “safe keeping”.

On Monday, Sandy returned to St. Vincent from Grenada, where he said he went to look for work in early May.

His lawyer, Grant Connell, went to Grenada to escort him here after police on Thursday said he was “wanted” and should be considered “armed and dangerous”.

Police released Sandy Wednesday morning when the 48 hours in which they can legally keep him without charge expired.

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But they took the former national footballer into custody again Thursday morning, as their investigation into the robbery of some EC$100,000 from a postal worker and the shooting of a police officer who went to help her continues.

Connell told I-Witness News Thursday evening that his client was still in police custody. “Guess I will have to wait and … see what the police do,” he said.

Sandy remained in police custody late Thursday even as Derick Sylvester, a Grenadian lawyer who assisted in returning him to St. Vincent, has said that there is evidence that Sandy was in Grenada when the robbery and shooting took place last week.

Connell told I-Witness News earlier on Thursday that Sandy’s family called him around 2:45 a.m. that day saying the “Black Squad” — Rapid Response Unit — went to Sandy’s house and took him way.

Connell said Sandy’s family said the house was searched, although the police did not present a warrant.

The law enforcement officials are said to have told Sandy’s family to “remain calm”. They handcuffed Sandy and told his family that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) wanted him, the lawyer said.

But the lawyer said that when he contacted the

CID in Kingstown, an officer said there was no record of Sandy being there or that they had ordered that he be arrested.

The RRU base at Prospect, said that the unit’s vehicle was on patrol but that they could not give details, Connell further told I-Witness News.

Connell said he also checked with the Narcotic Unit’s base at Arnos Vale and was told that Sandy was not there.

Sandy was logged at CID around 5 a.m. Thursday Connell told I-Witness News.

“What I’m saying, if you say you have evidence, charge him. None of us were there. He says he is innocent. The police wanted him, I brought him; what else do they want? Do they want me to tell my client he is guilty?” Connell said, adding that the police must “stop keeping the state on tenterhooks”.

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3 replies on “Police identify another suspect but hold Dwaine Sandy for ‘safe keeping’”

  1. This is some Inspector Jacques Clouseau kind of police work going on here…

    It would be beyond comprehension given that our Police, put out a wanted poster for a suspect;arrest said suspect; then released him and then re-arrest him again; WITHOUT ANY CONCRETE EVIDENCE. Unheard of! So yes, I have to go along with the police on this one,they must have some sort of substantial evidence to back up their suspicion. Right? It is simply to far-fetch to imagine that the police do not have anything to support their case against this guy. But if it turns out that this guy is indeed innocent, then it would suggest that our Police Force has reach a new level of incompetence, that only the immediate resignation of the Police Commissioner would suffice.

  2. Its about control and being out of control. If Gonsalves had not done away with the PACE regulations these police officer would never be able to behave so.

    Its my view and belief that the Minister, the police chief and the police force in general are out of control. Citizens being shot, even unarmed citizens being shot on site, no attempt to wound, a kill on site policy. Citizens beaten in the interview rooms, citizens being picked up and driven for miles and being made to walk home, being driven to quiet beach’s and mountains and being threatened. All of this is now common procedure.

    I further believe mental and physical torture by the police is part of normal procedure.

    Armed police in black uniforms and some in army jungles uniforms, in general carrying no identifying badges on their uniforms, carrying big military style assault rifles and small arms.

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