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In this June 13, 2013 photo, a police photographer works at the scene where a cop was shot in Kingstown. (IWN photo)
In this June 13, 2013 photo, a police photographer works at the scene where a cop was shot in Kingstown. (IWN photo)

The arrest by Vincentian police of a man in Grenada in connection with a murder here in May could help to solve the case of the June 13 robbery in Kingstown, sources tell I-Witness News.

I-Witness News is withholding the name of the man because we have not as yet been able to verify with police that he is indeed a suspect in the murder case.

But well-placed sources say that the man was wanted in connection with the May 5 murder of Devon “Jahjust” Steele, who was gunned down in Rose Place, Kingstown.

Jomorni Tash, 21, of Rockies was charged with Steele’s murder and remanded in custody until October 21 for a preliminary inquiry.

But the arrest of the man on the weekend could help police unravel the case of the daring robbery of some EC$100,000 from a female postal worker and the shooting of a police officer who went to assist her in Kingstown on June 13, sources say.

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The arrest of the suspect could also have implications for Dwaine Sandy, who police have arrested and released twice in connection with the June 13 crimes.

Sandy, a former national footballer, has maintained that he is innocent.

Police had distributed poster saying that Sandy was “wanted” and should be considered “armed and dangerous”.

He returned from Grenada last Monday accompanied by his lawyer, Grant Connell, and was taken into custody.

But Sandy was released without charge around 11 a.m. Wednesday and arrested again around 3 a.m. Thursday, then released Saturday morning, again without charge.

A police source told I-Witness News earlier this week that they had identified another suspect in relation to the robbery.

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2 replies on “Murder suspect nabbed by police could help solve robbery case — sources”

  1. Lets for a moment move away from the various suspects wanted by the police.I want to examine the circumstances of this “daring” robbery and ask some pertinent questions:

    1.How is it that a postal worker is in possession of that quantity of money?

    2.How did the robber know that she has that amount of money in her possession?

    3.Why is the Post Office keeping such quantity of money on its premises?

    4.And shouldn’t there be armed security guards patrolling such business places(banks etc) where financial transactions take place on a daily basis?

    With all the gun play that is happening in SVG, all police should be carrying a fire arm;unfortunately, its just the reality of the changing social dynamics in Vincyland.

    I don’t know the exact details of this robbery but somebody in the postal service deserves a bullwood for this…and also I am going out on a limb and say, this sounds like an inside job.

    Now back to the suspects, how is the capture of this recent suspect have implications for Mr Sandy? Having read this article several times, just in case I misread what I was reading; I have to say, this article is pretty much bordering on reckless.This article is giving the impression that Mr Sandy may indeed be involved in this robbery; yet I-WITNESS NEWS FAILS to provide any kind of corroborative information to back up their assertion. What about the principle of innocent until proven guilty?

    Mr Chance, you have thrown Mr Sandy under the bus, without providing a scintilla of evidence to support your action; this is not a good move at all…troubling, very troubling.

    I thought journalism is about objectivity and revealing the truth. Given the fact, that Mr Sandy was taken into custody twice and on both occasion,released without any formal charges filed against him.


  2. Regardless to how this case will turn out, there was no justification, in neither hindsight nor foresight, in managing Mr. Sandy in the way that they did.

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