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The Government is considering lifting the ban on jet skis here. (internet photo)
The Government is considering lifting the ban on jet skis here. (internet photo)

The Government is still consulting with stakeholders as it considers lifting the ban on the importation and use of jet skis.

Minister of Tourism, Cecil “Ces” McKie, told Parliament Tuesday that a question by Northern Grenadines representative, Dr. Godwin Friday, gave the impression that the government was about to lift the ban.

Friday asked: “Why is the government removing the ban on the importation and use of jet skis in this country and will you reconsider your position in that regard in light of the strong and reasoned opposition to the decision expressed by many people, including stakeholders in the tourism industry?”

“I don’t think anywhere at all it has been stated by the Ministry or any declaration made that this is about to happen,” McKie responded

He said his ministry has taken a very inclusive approach to the issue and has engaged stakeholders on all matter relating to the development of the tourism product.

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“Where jet skis are concerned, we have engaged stakeholders,” he said, adding that meetings were held with stakeholders in Bequia.

“And we have asked them their thought on us widening the tourism product and to ask them to give us some feedback — their position on the use of jet skis,” McKie said.

He said the Ministry is analysing the feedback from stakeholders.

“And, as has been the case over the years, we will make a very informed decision after more discussion with the stakeholders…” McKie said.

“The discussion is not only simply for the use of jet skis but also to assist us with patrol of waters, relative to security in the waters,” he further told Parliament.

Last month, some tourism stakeholders voiced strong objection to lifting the ban.

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One reply on “No decision yet about lifting ban on jet skis”

  1. CES, I believe he has turned out to be real knob head, I held him in high regards for a number of years because of his sterling service to the people of SVG through Rotary.

    His mother cried when she heard that Ces was joining this Marxist regime, but ignoring his mothers plea’s he went ahead, I must say he surprised most people that know him. Yet we comforted his mother, she was beside herself.

    I know that a couple of rank ULP members have lobbied for this jet ski thing, they want to operate the ski’s. Being who they are, there is the most probable chance that they will have success with having the ban lifted.

    Of course once again the smoke screen has been blown across the nation, with a statement that the ski’s are needed by the security services, police and coastguard. So lift the ban only for the security services on a lets see basis, lets see if this shows any improvement in the inefficiency of our security services.

    I have also been told that as a sweetener the ULP members hoping to operate the ski’s, have offered a number of ski’s free to the security services, is that true?

    We will see, it may well be already out of the hands of Ces, he may very well, have to do exactly as he is told.

    Blood is thicker than water.

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