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National Calypso Monarch Shernelle “Skarpyon” Williams poses with his wife, Natara Williams, and son, Orien Williams after the crowning Sunday night. (IWN photo)

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Shernelle “Skarpyon” Williams, who judges initially overlooked for a place in the National Calypso Monarch Finals, unseated Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd-Reid to take his first National Calypso Monarch crown, the prize money and a brand new car on Sunday.

He sang “Song of Hope” and “Until”.

Fya Empress was second, with “Just” and “My Gratitude”, while Shaunelle McKenzie and Dennis Bowman tied for third.

Shaunelle sang “I would never be a politician” and “Mama Cry”, while Dennis sang “Songs they hear” and “Way ye dey”.

(Look our for our full report on the show and our interview with Skarpyon.)

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3 replies on “Skarpyon unseats Fya Empress to take calypso crown”

  1. Avatar Of Teacherfang (@Llijame)Teacherfang (@Llijame) says:

    DEY REALLY GIVE ME THE CROWN? WTF!!! That is what the expression on Skarpyan face is saying in the above pic.Even the adorable looking baby, facial expression is saying, how de … did he pull this off?

    Skarpyan’s second SONG has to go down as one of the worse in a Kaiso finals in the big yard…IT WOULD BE A STRETCH OF MONUMENTAL PROPORTION TO CALL THAT SONG A CALYPSO.It is baffling if not laughable that a contestant who couldn’t make the finals on his own merit; would be given an undeserving second chance and then come into the finals, sing the same … song that was not good enough in the first place and combine it with an even more ridiculous song than the first and win the crown.This is madness.The judges ought to be taken into the public square and stone with toilet paper.

    Ipa was too hangover from the first round and was a no show in the second round. Bump-I was so focused on giving other folks advice on what to do or not do in the first round,he forgot to take is own advice in the second round. Bowman so obsessed in searching for Chatoyer in the first round;he got lost in the second round and walked over a cliff. This Kaiso finals remind of the recent Wimbledon, where all of the top players figured they just show up and the lesser players will just acquiesce and bend over.To be fair to Skarpyan, he wasn’t bending over for no one and he came out and handle his business…but I think Shannelle deserve the crown, she had two quality calypsoes and given the crap rendered by others, its hard to see, how the judges could have gotten this so wrong. The only positive thing I can say about Skarpyan, he can sing,no two ways about that…but that second song, I can’t see how it could have possibly put him pass Shannelle and others.

    Anyway, enough of my bellyaching…it is what it is…MASS.

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