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Lawyer Kay Bacchus-Browne (IWN photo)

A former counsel turned witness for embattled opposition senator, Vynnette Frederick, says nothing will come of the charges against the legislator.

“Those cases are not going anywhere in the final analysis,” Kay Bacchus-Browne, immediate past president of the Bar Association, said at a Bar Association press conference on Wednesday.

“And that is why, in all honesty, I am speaking out, because I was involved in the matter from the inception,” she said.

Nine charges relating to false declarations, swearing falsely, and fabricating evidence were laid against the senator on July 11, hours after six perjury charges against her were dismissed.

All charges stem from the contents of affidavits that Frederick submitted as part of a private criminal complaint against Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves following the December 2010 general elections.

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Frederick complained that Gonsalves made comments that adversely affected her chances at the polls, contrary to the Representation of the People Act.

“All of this happened because Dr. Gonsalves, at a political meeting, made certain terrible remarks about Miss Frederick,” Bacchus-Browne said.

“And Miss Frederick had the temerity to bring him to court for them. The very same remarks they are charging her for saying, he said. That is what he said. She said what he said. She was the wronged party … in the whole issue and here we have her now being persecuted,” the lawyer further stated.

The Court of Appeal upheld a lower court’s decision not to grant judicial review of the Director of Public Prosecution’s decision to discontinue the cases against Gonsalves.

Bacchus-Browne said that decision is on appeal to the London-based Privy Council.

“It is not final. And when this story is told and the truth is out, the whole world will see exactly what was said at that meeting. She did nothing wrong. Miss Frederick did nothing wrong,” Bacchus-Browne further said.

6 replies on “Senator’s former counsel says charges ‘not going anywhere’”

  1. Is that really what this entire episode is all about? He’s called worst names and he doesn’t react. I wonder why? Thank God he lost the referendum, because King Ralph would have people executed for little or nothing. I hope the alleged rape case get put back on the books after 2015. The truth must be known and the DPP should be hanged if Ralph is found guilty.
    You know what? Guilty or not hang the sucker.

  2. As I’ve said before,Ralph Gonsalves is a disciple of Karl Marx. Karl Marx was a Satan worshiper and a puppet of the Illuminati. Like most 19th century Satanists, he hid his satanism behind atheism. Don’t take my word for it, google ”Marx and Satan” or order the book by the same title. Please, order as many of these books and get it out to the public. It’s an easy read.

  3. PVPPALMER, the DPP should not be there even, when he was elected it was against the advice of the Bar Association, this is a ULP man through and through.

  4. Teacherfang (@Llijame) says:

    Having followed this legal saga from the onset and READ THE JUDGEMENT FROM THE COURT OF APPEAL, Ms Frederick had poor legal representation from the inception. Ms Frederick should have never been in such legal quagmire in the first place.

    And yes,I agree that these charges are “going nowhere” at least most of them, but not for the reasons put forth by KB-B. I suspect Ms Frederick will prevail at the end of these legal hearings in the court;but this is not to say that the case against Ms Frederick is entirely without merit. I just figure the BURDEN OF PROOF WILL BE TO HIGH A BAR FOR THE STATE(DPP)TO MEET. Think the ZIMMERMAN TRIAL, this fool committed murder in my opinion and that of the State of Florida;but the State couldn’t meet the burden of proof to convince the jury, given the very F’KED-up laws in the State of Florida.

  5. Rev. Dr. Dawn Bacchus-Horan says:

    The Prime Minister of a nation should be like a parent with a parental heart to GUIDE ALL its citizens, leading them with the HEART OF GOD. I have NEVER seen more cases brought against a citizen by the leader like this anywhere. How could you prosecute your own children?

    ” To establish a nation, there must be territory, citizens, and sovereignty. Then what is sovereignty? It means fundamentally forming a relationship with GOD. Therefore the leader who rules over a nation should, after the citizens have fallen fast asleep, form a connection with GOD and COBDUCT THE AFFAIRS OF STATE. In THIS MANNER, the sovereign must be in ONENESS with his people.
    Once UNITED with them, he must believe that everything placed before him is there for the sake of the nation, not for his own sake, not for his own use. THEN THE NATION WILL PROSPER!”(30-88,1970.3.17)Rev Sun Myung Moon.

  6. Your quite right Karl Marx was a Satanist, there is so much written about him and Satanism, and so are all his followers. Some wrap Satanism in another cloak, like Obeah and such like.

    “If I work Obeah, I only work Obeah for the Lord” Ralph Gonsalves said that in parliament, its on official record. I promise you I never made that up, its fact.

    You cannot worship Obeah for Lord Jesus, you cannot work Obeah for the Lord our God.

    So which Lord is Gonsalves referring to? I hope its not the Lord of Darkness, Satan.

    Gonsalves has never apologised to Christians for making that remark, does it take much to say you are sorry. I heard him say it, and it didn’t sound like he said it in jest.

    What is even worse, not a single Christian leader, no Church leader has objected or made any comment at all, why is that?

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