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West Kingstown MP, Daniel Cummings. (IWN file photo)
West Kingstown MP, Daniel Cummings. (IWN file photo)
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Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hendrick Alexander. (IWN photo)
Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hendrick Alexander. (IWN photo)

When police failed to act several years ago on complaints by Redemption Sharpes resident Daniel Cummings about noise from a church in his community, he took to the church with stones.

Cummings, now Member of Parliament for West Kingstown, has failed over the past few months to get House Speaker, Hendrick Alexander, to provide him with a chair his doctor recommended because of a back injury he said he sustained when opposition lawmakers were thrown out of Parliament in 2011.

Cummings, speaking at a New Democratic Party rally in Layou Tuesday night said the Speaker should not sleep well.

“There is a man they call the Speaker and he believe he is lord of all he surveys. And they think that they get away with all their wickedness. But I have news for them. Time longer than twine.

“Hendrick, Hendrick, Hendrick, watch out me brother. Yo’ think yo’ bad today but Daniel Cummings coming for yo’. He coming for yo. Mark me word.

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“Yo’ don’t know the man yo’ mashing up. Yo’ don’t know the man yo’ interfere with. When yo’ see a quiet and you feel nice and yo’ don’t want give me me chair, don’t sleep well Hendrick, Hendrick boy. Yo ain’t even see the smoke yet; water, fire, ashes, brimstone — everything coming for yo’. Mark my word! Mark my word,” Cummings said.

Speaking at the same meeting, he said that two persons are coming for Central Leeward representative, Maxwell Charles.

His comments were an apparent reference to the two persons vying to represent the NDP in the constituency, which the party said could decide the winner of the next general elections, constitutionally due in 2015.

4 replies on “Watch out Speaker, MP coming with ‘water, fire, ashes, brimstone’”

  1. Please be careful, you are probably high on their list. Daniel you might well end up in the lions den.

    Nasty names, hate, spite, malice, visit by the the SSU Mongoose Gang Goons, in their camouflaged jungle warfare uniform. Remember this is the squad who’s motto is “ WE WILL HUNT THEM DOWN UNTIL THEY EXIST NO MORE”. Something that GONSALVES reiterated, but denied in Parliament he ever said such a thing, until a recording was produce of him saying it, proved him once again a liar.

  2. Canyute Campbell says:

    Mr Cummings you are wrong to stone Gods church. You need to apologise and repent. You are the one bringing the bad blessing on the NDP party. Never fight God.

  3. Canyute Campbell, at the time he stoned the roof of this building it was not the house of God, it had been commandeered by Satan’s followers.

    This night in question a lot of drunk louts, drinking alcohol and smoking in the building. Playing music so loud that it disturbed the whole neighbourhood, not church music, Satanic music, dirty worded Jamaican music. This had happened on several occasions before and the police refused or failed to act when requested.

    So in sheer frustration he sent missiles to the galvanise, clattering and bouncing and disturbing Satan’s party.

    Canyute Campbell, were you among those disciples of Satan?

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