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Vice-President of the New Democratic Party, St. Clair Leacock. (IWN photo)
Vice-President of the New Democratic Party, St. Clair Leacock. (IWN photo)

A New Democratic Party (NDP) government will re-rehire the Port Police officers who will be severed month end, St. Clair Leacock, an NDP vice-president says.

Leacock, Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown, laid out his party’s position at a rally in Layou on Tuesday.

“If you are a port worker who is losing your job, make sure you give your name to us. Because, every single one of you who lose your job will get back yo’ wuk under a New Democratic Party government,” he said.

“So, if any policeman now is taking over the job of that port worker, you will go back into the main Force to make room for the people whose job yo’ taking over right now, because all unfair games must play again,” the opposition lawmaker further said.

Leacock said he would outline the position of the NDP during a meeting with the Commissioner of Police Wednesday.

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“I going tell him that straight up to he face what we intend to do,” he said.

The Government is disbanding the Port Police, which provided security for the nation’s ports.

The move came after Port Police officers went on a one-day strike earlier this year, which the Government said compromised port security and could have led to international sanctions.

5 replies on “Leacock says NDP gov’t would rehire dismissed Port Police”

  1. I congratulate you Mr Leacock, just watch out for the spite and malice that will be focused on you by the Marxist regime for making such a statement.

    What a crap reason for dismissing 85 men from their jobs, their only source of income, the only way they and their families can feed themselves. The regime is torturing these mens families young and old, their mothers and their fathers and baby’s and school children, they will all suffer at the hands of this Marxist regime. These working people were supporting families, this heartless regime doesn’t care a damn. They are treated badly because they are weak, people who the regime believe they can use as an example of punishment that they will dish out whenever they feel it appropriate. Workers do not ask for your money, even your wages, otherwise you join the Port Police and also the Irregation Workers, who went to work for over 6 months without wages, when they complained, they also were fired. Steal from the regime and you will be promoted, ask for your wages and you will be disposed of.

    “The move came after Port Police officers went on a one-day strike earlier this year, which the Government said compromised port security and could have led to international sanctions.”

    Well how about the ‘Road Block Revolution’ that was a million times worse than what these men did.

    All that these people wanted, was what was financialy due to them, they were forced to sick out because they were being unpaid that long owed and overdue.

    This is evidence of a SCUM regime at its worst, which the regime would consider its best.


  2. Was there ever a post called “Port Police” under the NDP? What is Mr Leacock talking about? I,m sure I wasnt dreaming when I heard the PM saying that he will have to find other things for these people to do when they are removed from the port. Mr Leacock and company are behaving like that because they know their followers only listen to Nice Radio.

  3. HOPE, you really have a warped mind, your just another twerp who doesn’t know right from wrong. These people have been wronged, they were owed increments, money which was rightfully theirs for months and years. They have begged and pleaded for what is rightfully due to them. Eventually some of them sicked-out, as a last ditch attempt to get paid what was their own money. They were picked on because they are only 85 men, and I believe there were some women. They were made a spectacle of to show other workers that they would also be punished if they asked for their money due. How dare they ask to be paid.

    Remember the Irrigation workers, worked for six months, never got any wages, asked every week “where are our wages”. When they eventually complained to a newspaper, the were all laid off. It was them who were told they would be found other work, well its been six weeks now and not a word. Children and families going hungry.

    So HOPE, what HOPE has the working man got when they have people like you who give them no HOPE, people like you who support this nasty regime, right or wrong, you love them.

    Minister; Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves
    As Minister of National Security, he holds the portfolios for the following:
    St. Vincent Port Authority
    National Commission on Crime Prevention
    Maritime Commission
    Public Sector Reform Unit
    National Advisory Board on Security
    National Civil Aviation Committee

    He is therefore the Minister with responsibility for ‘St. Vincent Port Authority’. He is responsible for their actions, the buck stops with him.

    He always claims the glory so he must also accept responsability for the actions that people do not approve of.

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