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Th Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. (IWN file photo)
Th Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. (IWN file photo)

The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital was burglarized twice last weekend, Hospital Administrator Ynolde Smart has told a local television station.

Smart said that persons have a tendency to enter the health facility and wonder into areas other than where they say they are going.

During the burglaries, cleaning agents, computers, and other electronic equipment, including a step-down transformer, were stolen.

Smart urged the public to desist from such activities.

She said a code is needed to access the information on the computer, which includes data collected under the Health Information System.

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When these computers are stolen, the electronic data is lost and patients’ information has to be collected manually, which takes more time, Smart said.

3 replies on “Hospital burglarised twice in one weekend”

  1. Doesn’t the hospital back up vital information on a separate disk – which should then be stored safely some place, such as a fire & water proof safe?

  2. Teacherfang (@Llijame) says:

    Ok, here is the crux of the matter, “persons have a tendency to enter the health facility and wonder into areas other than where they say they are going”. Why the f’ck are folks wondering about in a hospital? If you are not a worker, a visitor or a patient….get the f’ck out of the hospital…there is no wondering about at hospitals. This is just awful security protocol at the hospital. And the fact that the Administrator is asking the public to desist from such activities is naivety of the highest order. At this rate, someone will walk out the hospital with a bed over their shoulder.

    Sometimes I wonder if Vincyland is in the dark ages or they looking to re-invent the wheel. What is so hard in having a basic security policy; require all visitors to present photo IDs and to tell security personnel their reasons for visiting. Any questionable visitors would be escorted by a security officer while inside the building. End of story.

    …@arpejays, point taken. There should be a backup system at the hospital…its simply ludicrous to not have one. But listening to Ms Smart, apparently no such system was in place…mm…sometimes I wonder…

  3. I have a problem understanding how the hospital could be burglarised.I had flown in from Toronto last year to which I travelled from the airport to see my dying father at the said hospital and was prevented in doing so by the security guard who insisted that visiting hours had ended. I circumvented the guard and was able to see my Dad for two seconds when the guard found herself at my Dad’s bedside to remove me.I am forced to think that this is an inside job.

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