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President of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou.
President of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou.

President of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou will meet with state officials; visit infrastructural projects and plant a tree when he visits this country for 11 hours next week Saturday, Aug. 17.

According to the itinerary of Ma’s visit, released yesterday, he will be greeting with a guard of honour and a 21-gun salute on arrival at the E.T. Joshua Airport at 8:30 a.m.

One hour later, the president will participate in a tree planting exercise at the Botanical Gardens in Kingstown, the oldest in the Western Hemisphere.

He will then meet with Governor General, Sir Frederick Ballantyne, at Government House at 9:55 a.m.

President Ma will then travel to Colonarie for the official opening of the Colonarie Bridge, at 10:30 a.m., after which, he will visit the terminal building at the Argyle international airport construction site.

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The Asian leader will meet with Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves at Cabinet Room in Kingstown at 4 p.m. after which there will be the signing of a joint communiqué.

President Ma will attend a reception hosted by the Ambassador of Taiwan to SVG, Weber Shi, before departing the country at 7:30 p.m.

Ma’s visit to this country is part of a regional tour, which also includes stops in St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and Haiti.

His main purpose for coming to the region is to attend the Aug. 15 inauguration of the president of Paraguay, Taiwan’s only ally in South America.

5 replies on “Taiwan president to meet officials, visit projects, plant tree in St. Vincent”

  1. Wilmoth Aberdeen says:

    We call on the visiting Taiwanese President to press P.M. Gonsalves to re-instate the mining license of Mr. Leon – Bigger Bigs – Samuel. Sixty hard working Citizens of SVG, and their Families would thank you Mr. President.The exercise of the basic fundamental Human right to free political expression is the only reason why Mr Leon- Bigger Bigs – Samuel and his 60 faithful employees are suffering unemployment today.. in SVG. May God bless your visit President Ma. Long live free Political Speech !

  2. “President Ma will then travel to Colonarie for the official opening of the Colonarie Bridge”

    You have just confirmed to me my belief that Gonsalves is totally insane. This is a two bit little bridge which could of been built in 6 weeks, and it took 2 years, its a joke. Many private gardens in the world have bigger bridges over their fishponds. And we are wasting this mans valuable time opening a bridge which is 30′ long over a stream.

    Did you know it was painted a very nice white and black until a ULP senator insisted in it being repainted red. Can you believe that crap?

    Now if that is the mentality of our PM, I hope that President Ma doesn’t think we are all that silly. We know Gonsalves spent much of his life in a rum shop, and this is definitely rum shop mentality, its the kind of plan that would be hatched in a rum shop after all present devoured huge amounts of extra strong rum. What an embarrassment its like a silly scene from a comedy film.

    Remember Gonsalves made a big thing about wanting to be seen as an equal to the British PM, or such like. well could you think for one fleeting moment the British PM, would open such a bridge and take a foreign dignitary to the ceremony?

    I also understand that a crowd will be bussed in and all local school children have been instructed to attend. I beggar’s belief.

  3. I hope the president wouldn’t be lied to and told that he is going to Vermont to see the bridge that Taiwan gave monies to build and relocate residents. The biggest project in SVG, Argyle earthport, very few Vincentians employed. The biggest project in Colonarie, the bridge, and residents couldn’t get a job there. Gonsalves know the people there are angry and would not turn up at no function so primary school students, who are glad to go anywhere, are instructed to attend and of course the parents will follow.

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