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Minister of Health, Clayton Burgin. (IWN file photo)
Minister of Health, Clayton Burgin. (IWN file photo)
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Fitzgerald Huggins. (Internet photo)
Fitzgerald Huggins. (Internet photo)

For persons critical of the appointment of Fitzgerald Huggins as this country’s Consul General in Toronto, his parliamentary representative has a response: attack me.

“Fitz is not running for politics, he is not a politician. Talk about me; talk people who are into things. Because when I reach in Parliament and I could deal with them and deal with the others on the platform and also on radio,” Clayton Burgin said on radio on Thursday.

He was speaking moments after Huggins telephoned the station and defended himself against criticism of members and supporters of the opposition New Democratic Party.

“Anytime anyone associate themselves with the ULP (Unity Labour Party), you are singing for your supper. So, I am wondering what Bert and Daniel Cummings and all those people are doing, because Daniel Cummings had said he will never run for politics in this country,” Burgin said of the former manager of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority.

But those fellas came in for vengeance, for what reasons I don’t know, because they think that they own St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the corporation where they work. Bert Francois is a fellow, the prime minister tell yo’, credit union and insurance company ‘fraid this man,” said Burgin, who is MP for East St. George and Minister of Health.

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Cummings, an opposition politician, is MP for West Kingstown, while Francois is an activist for the NDP and a radio talk show host.

“I don’t know why they don’t think positive, say something positive to enlighten the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and stop keeping their firm supporters this backward and ignorant. That is why we have so much of problem with them in this country,” Burgin further said if the opposition

He spoke of the “education revolution” and literacy programmes being offered across the country but said opposition would not encourage their supporters participate in them.

“They [are] haranguing everyday about ULP and Ralph (Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves) and so on,” the former teacher and junior education minister said.

“Well, I tell them, they will do that for the rest of their lives you know. The quicker they change, the better for them. They should come to the realisation as to what the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines think about them,” he further said.

4 replies on “Diplomat is not a politician; attack me, MP says”

  1. CLAYTON BURGIN, thank you for the invitation. You are probably the worst person to give advice to Fitz Huggins, because I have found you to be totally without diplomacy. You just do not know how to address people and situations without making it a personal thing and thumping your chest like an oversized gorilla.

    Your performance as MP for East St. George has been appalling. You have failed the people, roads in your constituency are appalling. There are more beggars in Calliaqua than I ever remember, step out of your car, out of any shop, out of a bar, walk on any street, you be will asked if you can spare a dollar. People are starving, I myself buy bags of penny buns every day to give away in Calliaqua, what do you do?

    As for what the people think, there has been much discourse recently, in fact for months and years now regarding how large sections of the electorate were bribed to vote ULP. Given all sorts of building materials etc. That’s how much people think of the ULP.

    Some sections of the ULP have taken poor and ignorant people who have nothing, people who are hungry, people without work or income, and give them things to buy their vote. Tell me Burgin, what do you know about that, did you have a distribution of goodies in your constituency?

    We know Fitz is not a politician, we also know he is not a diplomat. As far as I am concerned you coming here and making your statements prove that neither of you are fit to be diplomats.

    Burgin I am accusing you of nothing, no wrong doing, I am only accusing you of stupidity, and that’s my opinion after carefully watching you over a prolonged period.

  2. John Alexander says:

    Imagine Peter Alexander is accusing someone of stupidity!

    Peter Alexander is the dumbest Vincentian alive!


    Why not address what I wrote, the content, lets have some comment on that. Why not comment on what I said about diplomacy. You coming here and applying the smoke screen tactics just makes everyone in the ULP look bad, you do not help them one bit. Your not a damage controller, you are a damage generator and applicator.

  4. Patrick G Ferrari says:

    Less than four weeks before flying off to his counterfeit diplomatic post in Canada, Fits Huggins said ON RADIO that his job is to “keep the ULP in power.”

    The ULP government is paying Huggins with taxpayers’ money, with State’s money, with money from the treasury, to “keep the United Labour Party in power.”

    One day Huggins is marketing cell phones. The next he is an ambassador. Go figure … if you dare.

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