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Vincentian lawyer and former senator, Ronald "Ronnie" Marks. (Internet photo)
Vincentian lawyer and former senator, Ronald “Ronnie” Marks. (Internet photo)
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Lawyer and former senator, Ronald “Ronnie” Marks, says he will take legal action against the New York Police Department after being injured when he was arrested in New York Sunday night.

Marks told I-Witness News that he was arrested when another man who was being harassed by NYPD officers called his attention to the situation.

Marks said he explained to the NYPD officer that while he is a lawyer, he is not licensed to practise in New York.

He said turned away to notify another lawyer who is licensed to practise in New York about what was happening and the NYDP officer floored him (Marks) with a blow to the back, then handcuffed him.

He said he and two other men were arrested but all charges against then were dismissed today.

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Marks spoke to I-Witness News just before seeing a doctor shortly before 7 p.m. Monday.

He spoke of some of the injuries he suffered.

(More on this story later.)

4 replies on “Charges against lawyer Ronnie Marks dismissed in New York”

  1. RONNIE, I am disappointed by your stupidity. You know that if a man did a similar thing in Kingstown the police would of taken him to the Barracks and beaten him half to death. I NY you get beaten in the street but nothing dreadfully nasty when you get to the police station.

    When you interfere in police business it as well to stay a few paces away and use your blackberry to film the proceeds.

    Getting up close, voicing an opinion then turning your back on anyone, police man or anyone, is pretty stupid.

  2. Teacherfang (@Llijame) says:

    Why is this fool playing Jessie Jackson? Look if a man in Vincyland is getting his arse handed to him by the police, called out to Ronnie Marks for help, I WONDER IF MR MARKS WOULD HAVE THE TEMERITY TO CONFRONT THE POLICE. I say this, cause this story makes no sense on the face of it…first of all, Ronnie Marks always strike me as a man who “can’t mash ants”… so I have to believe Mr Marks had a couple bottles of liquid courage in his system and was not in full command of his faculties. Secondly, who is this man, that Mr Marks put his reputation on the line for? A friend? A FRIEND? His Father? A brother? Father-in law? An acquaintance? Just what Mr Marks could be thinking.

    When it comes to the police in the US, you have to think twice and thrice before you engaged your mouth or of making any sudden movement, its the way of life in the US. Mr Marks is fortunate he wasn’t shot for his dotishness. And you can forget about taking any legal action…against the NYPD? For a couple bruises? Mr Marks wey wrong wid you? Did you pee blood after being arrested? If not, then you wasting your time and money seeking redress…just take your lucky arse home and hug your wife and kids.

    “I NY you get beaten in the street but nothing dreadfully nasty when you get to the police station”. Peter, please Google Abner Louima. I cannot allow such glaring ignorance to slip by. ..The Police in the US are sub-humans and they do not deserve an iota of sympathy or benefit of the doubt as they certainly do not afford the public any, especially a black man like myself.

    1. Stephen Dennie says:

      To described Ronnie Marks as a fool because he got arrested for standing up to police officers and ended up getting assaulted, confirms “my position” on how the word “fool” continues to be abused.

      So it may be the first time that Ronnie did something like this. And he probably may not have done it in SVG; but what is foolish about it? Am sure
      Ronnie did not believe such would be the outcome. Sometimes we take chances with the idea of getting an advantage in a situation. Sometimes it backfires; it happens to all of us. So to describe Ronnie as a fool is not only arrogant and out of place, but very disrespectful.

      Standing up for wrong takes character, regardless of the situation, but for some its always easier to criticize and disrespect.
      We are all human beings and should learn to treat each other with dignity and respect. We should also have the courage to oppose anyone who tries to belittle us, regardless of the circumstances.

  3. Israel R Bruce says:

    Whatever the circumstances I am happy that it was nothing for the worst and that there is some resolution to part one of this fiasco.

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