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The Government is looking to pay public servants around Independence — October 27 — -the remaining 1.5 per cent of a 3 per cent increase in wages owed to them since January 2011.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves had deferred the payment because of the performance of the economy.

Half of the amount due to public servants was paid last December.

Gonsalves, who is also Minister of Finance, told a press conference on Monday that the remaining amount could be paid in October.

“I have indicated to the President of the Teachers Union that I am working towards the Independence period to make the payment for backdated from January 2011. Of course, this will not only be for teachers but public servants and everyone,” he said.

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4 replies on “PM looking to pay public servants increases from 2011 in October”

  1. What annoys me is that it is made to sound like they are all being done a favour, they are not. Its money owed to them its there money, and its long overdue.

    Obviously the elections are around the corner, otherwise they would all be whistling in the wind for money that’s owed to them.

    Unless we forget, please pay the 60 land owners at Argyle who remain unpaid for their land taken for the airport. Its not highway robbery, but its certainly runway robbery.
    Its time for Robin Basthood and his merry men to pay up.

  2. Everything will be said to give hope and take thoughts away from Camillo’s appointment. IF that 1.5 was to be paid in October we would’ve heard it on the morning of the 27th October, not in September.

  3. Read the Tea Leaves my people. Be not deceived!! This is all intended to hoodwink you for the upcoming elections. This is nothing but an election Gimmick.

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