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The largest single shipment of vacuum packed agricultural produce from St. Vincent and the Grenadines was exported to the United States on Tuesday.

The 32,000-pound shipment, valued at EC$175,000, is comprised of yams, dasheen, grated coconut, roasted breadfruit and an assortment fruit pulp.

The shipment was made possible through the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, Vincy Fresh, and several entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.

The goods were vacuum packed in Lauders and are expected to arrive in the United States on Sept.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar recently told Parliament that there is a demand for one 40-foot container of vacuum packed agriculture products and 30,000 lbs of fish weekly.

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This is the first of such containers. The Ministry of Agriculture is currently re-organizing its national food production plan in order to facilitate this new trading opportunity.

Caesar stated that this historical export comes as a result of years of efforts by stakeholders in the agriculture sector at diversification.

He further stated that any step to add value is one in the right direction.

A two-member team from the Ministry of Agriculture is expected to leave the state on Oct. 1 to continue promotion activities for the marketing of agricultural commodities in the United States.

5 replies on “$175,000 in agricultural produce shipped to the US”

  1. Very good for SVG farmers. It is sad to say that we ship stuff around the world from time to time and some person or persons will find a way to mess it up by sending prohibited items within the shipment for their personal gain. Let’s eep an eye on these guys who want to mess up a good thing.

  2. Ministry of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar and Vincy Fresh, thank you for giving the agricultural sector some hope. Continue to work hard and let’s see Vincy products in Canada, Europe and other countries soon. We are buying lots of foreign products in SVG so we will be very proud to have our products sold in forein lands. Again, one up to all parties who put this deal together and made it possible.

  3. Freddy Ollivierre says:

    Congrats to Saboto and Vincy Fresh. However, in order to make regular shipments of produce, we must have a regular supply of the raw material. I have been in the wilderness producing Papaya and Sour Sop {Graviola} I will like a commitment from LAP that they need so much and be prepared to work with me to supply them.
    We can discuss pricing once things are on track. Let us make a special effort not to allow this to go down.
    There are a number of farmers who will be glad to see this project expand. We are watching you Saboto and LAP.

  4. SVG farm products were once the envy of other Caribbean nations. Folks use to say they are waiting for the SVG shipment to arrive. It would be nice to see those days again. Now it’s time for the government to put some emphasis on agriculture and help to protect the farmers. The complaint from farmers was and still is, “we plant the crop and somebody else reap it”.
    SVG economy has always dependent heavily on agriculture. The green gold (banana) was replaced by marijuana. The courts helped to keep the economy afloat by charging dealers $10K – $ 20 for possession. The dealers had to pay right away and they did. Next day they were back at the old job to recoup the fines they had to pay the government.
    Things can change now that marijuana will be legalized and the police can begin to help safeguard the animals and products of the farmer.
    The next step is to get air-condition containers, or ships to move the products, because most have only 4 day shelf-life, before the start going bad. It would be great to eat some dasheen and potatoes from SVG again. SVG always shipped quality products, not like some of the crap we get from other places.

  5. OK that was last weeks shipment, which day are you shipping this weeks and what day next week will you ship next weeks?

    Remember this is a weekly shipment.

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