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Jomo Thomas. (IWN file photo)
Jomo Thomas. (IWN file photo)
Junior Bacchus. (IWN file photo)
Junior Bacchus. (IWN file photo)

Activist Junior Bacchus has until tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 14, to apologise to lawyer, senator, and radio talk show host, Jomo Thomas, or be sued for comments he made on Thomas’ radio programme last month.

Thomas is claiming that the comments by Bacchus, a former radio talk show host, are defamatory.

Bacchus told I-Witness News on Sunday that he does not want to comment on the development “right now”, but confirmed that Thomas has requested an apology and EC$50,000.

Bacchus further said that Thomas has said that if he fails to apologise within the stipulated timeframe, legal action will be taken against him.

The development stems from comments Bacchus made when he telephoned “Voices” on WE FM on Sept. 25.

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In his call to the programme, Bacchus commented on Thomas’ involvement in a lawsuit that one of Thomas’ clients brought against Principal of St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, Calma Balcombe, two Ministry of Education (MOE) officials, and the MOE itself.

11 replies on “Jomo Thomas demands apology and $50,000 from Junior Bacchus”

  1. Wilmoth Aberdeen says:

    Jomo ,have you ever heard of Free political speech ? You have morphed into a total disgrace and a Jerk … sue me !!

  2. Vasilca Charles-Frederick says:

    This is becoming ridiculous. Everyone wants to sue! Do we sit back and wait to hear someone make a negative comment and then sue? How did Mr. Bacchus’ comment harm you in any way?


    Who would have thought that Jomo Thomas, so call activist, free speech proponent, defender of peoples rights and now ULP senator would have be suing too? This happens when you feel that you have POWER. Now that he is in the POWER league the true Jomo is coming out. A lawyer colleague was called a MORON by Thomas simply because he stated that if he was the lawyer in the convent school case he would have advised the parent differently. Come on Jomo is that an indication of things to come? Now that you have POWER your true colors are coming through. Good Luck with your new found fame, you are in the right comapany.

  4. We are NOT free to say whatever we like.

    There is still a little something known as TRUTH. The truth should always be told. How could any right-thinking Vincentian encourage untruth?

    Telling lies seems to have now become the accepted norm in St Vincent.

    Look at how NDP supporters have switched from supporting Jomo, to now violently opposing him! All because he did not select their party……

    Jomo is right……. Sue them whenever they lie! Who could disagree with this?

  5. Nicholas Lucas says:

    What make you and others feel that you could say anything about a person with no regard to facts or friction and then claim free speech, or
    when person,s enter politics or public service is that mean that they no longer has RIGHTS?

  6. What have we become as a people, suing the Grand Inquisitor? Are we not a decent, holier-than-thou, morally righteous society? Are we not afraid that by suing the Grand Inquisitor that God will punish us for transgressing against his anointed servant?

    Let us get on our collective knees and beg forgiveness for we have truly loss our way…let us weep at the feet of the Grand Inquisitor until he finds it in his heart to forgive our moment of weakness. We have seen the power of the Grand Inquisitor by the way he dealt with that 14 year old heretic, who committed horrid offenses and perpetrated the foulest of abominations towards our beloved puritans at our cherished Convent. We bow to you.

    “Wherefore if forgers of money and other evil-doers are forthwith condemned to death by the secular authority, much more reason is there for heretics, as soon as they are convicted of heresy, to be not only excommunicated but even put to death.” (Summa Theologica, c. 1270)

  7. Jomo claimed to have apologized to Mr Grant Cornell but he hasn’t mentioned if Grant was AND paid him $50,000.
    Lead by example Mr. Jomo. Pay Grant $50,000 for your mouth as you expect others to pay you for theirs.
    It’s also surprising how Grant didn’t try to grandstand and punish for being called stupid, that’s is what we call an example worth following.

  8. MIKE DAVID, $50k is Jomo valuation, Connel is worth many times more than that.

    When Connel buys an outfit for court it has to be adult size.

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