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Several areas for technical cooperation between Argentina and St. Vincent and the Grenadines were identified when Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves visited that South American nation earlier this month.

The Office of the Prime Minister says that during the visit, Gonsalves held talks with Vice President of Argentina, Amado Boudou, along with the ministers responsible for foreign affairs, health, and national security

The areas identified for technical cooperation between both countries are education, airport and port development, coast guard training and health

There will be opportunities for graduate training.

Gonsalves was awarded the Order of the Liberator General San Marin, the highest national order that can be awarded to a non-national of Argentina.

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Other recipients of this order include Vicente Fox, Rafael Caldera, Corazon Aquino, and Chester Nimitz.

Several technical missions in the areas of small business development and agriculture will visit SVG over the next nine months for exploratory talks, the Office of the Prime Minister say.

Gonsalves will host a media conference on Tuesday to update the nation on the visit.

2 replies on “SVG, Argentina identify areas for technical cooperation”

  1. No mention of what we can do for them in voting for them in the UN.

    Did Gonsalves get the medal for his stand against the British over the Falklands dispute. They don’t give medals of this magnitude for no reason.

    There can be no other reason to give him such.

    I am sure it must of been something more than an accusation of rape.

  2. I have looked through all the Argentine news paper for confirmation of the Gonsalves trip and what he was given or promised, found no reference at all, shows how big ‘Wun-Phat-Pratt’ is on the Argentinean scene, his name appears nowhere.

    Unfortunately whenever I read what he says I never believe it until I can confirm it from other sources, he told us he is a liar and its the only thing he ever said that I believe.

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