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Every so often when I write about Argyle, I remind us of how the Barbados government paid the airlines a cash seat subsidy for flying from certain European and American airports. At one time it was a hundred US a seat.

Now they are paying tourists to come to Barbados, cash rewards.

How can backward SVG compete with forward thinking Bajans? I suppose we could start with ridding ourselves of our backward thinking Marxist led ULP government, and putting some forward thinking capitalist business men in power. Stop giving all our money to Cuba and pull ourselves into the real world.

Barbados tries to entice UK visitors with ‘free spending money’

“Barbados has gone ahead with a voucher scheme to provide UK holidaymakers with up to £128 spending money to try to reverse a 10 per cent decline in visitor numbers following the increase in air passenger duty.

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“The Barbados Island Inclusive offer, first mooted in July, provides guests with vouchers based on their length of stay, which can be redeemed in a wide variety of outlets across the destination, including restaurants, hotels, tour companies, car hire and shops.”

Peter Binose
Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle

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3 replies on “St. Vincent loses out again to Barbados’ superior thinking”

  1. D. Markie Spring says:

    Peter, Barbados will do anything. Only only is Barbados begging airlines and tourist to visit, but tourist destined for SVG are being told by the authorities there that there is nothing in our country.

    In light of this, Peter, I traveled to SVG from Miami Via Barbados and a tourists from the States had flown on the same airline down to Barbados with me. They forced the tourist to stay in Barbados and would not put him on his LIAT flight just as they did to me. However, the tourist was not impressed and when we finally got unto the LIAT flight the next day, he was more impressed when he saw the huge lush mountians.

    It time that somone or group officially addresses the problem we faced in Barbados.

    True! we need a leder who will spend time looking after Vincentians

  2. This writer more sound to me as a foolish backward person. Interestingly I find this person that write this do not know what the earth he she is talking about. And what money are we giving away to Cuban, you need to get your facts correct. If you so forward thinking and you live in SVG, then I invite you to leave with your forward thing mind and join the forward thinking Bajan, and pay your tax there to help the bajan government pay for the visitors to come to their shore. We here in SVG is not in desperation and I need to entice visitors to come if they do not want to. I will not be paying no government tax to pay for no visitors to my lovely island. If they love it let them come on there own will and pay us to enjoy our island. I can see that you lack visionary solution that you want to pay for visitors as do that is revolutionary idea. You really need wake up, and really need to be in the real world. sadly the so call forward thinking bajan market the Grenadines as do it belongs to them. I will say a bunch of sealers they are.

  3. Mr.Binose, I am rather disappointed with your comments about Barbados superior thinking over that of Vincentians, Please take into consideration the air-port in St. Vincent is not completed.When it becomes operational , then ,ond only then can you make a comparison. It’s people like you who curse the day when a little rain falls. If you believe that you are a fool don’t associate others with your backwark thoughts and mentality.

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