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The executive of the Bethel High Past Students Association.

The Bethel High Past Students Association elected a new executive at a meeting at Victoria Park on Wednesday.

The executive is headed by president, Montgomery Cupid. Alvin Jackson is the Vice-President, while the Secretary is Lafleur Jacobs and Assistant Secretary, Marsha Ann Sassine.

Treasurer is Marilyn Murray Billy and Assistant Treasurer Derron James.

Monique Leslie is Public Relations Officer and there are also three Committee Members: Natasha Williams, Kasilta Defreitas, and Leondra Hanson.

Meanwhile, the Bethel High Past Student Association says it is inviting all past students of the school, to join them in creating “an exquisite reunion” for 2014.

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A meeting of past students has been scheduled for Nov. 13, at 5 p.m., at Victoria Park.