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5 replies on “VIDEO: Gov’t tells ‘Bigger Bigs’ reapply for mining permit”

  1. SMDH! To think that this guy stayed on the right side of the law in an effort to provide meaningful employment and contributed to the economy. All unfair games must play over my Brother! Keep the faith, we are with you. #changeWillCome

  2. When Bigger spoke of spite and malice I 100% believe him. We have seen so much of this spite, malice, hatred and shear evil coming from somewhere within this Marxist led ULP pretend Labour Party.

    There are countless occurrences against people all recorded, yet our people support that evil behaviour.

    Remember this is not Old Labour, this is a party hijacked by the Marxist MNU, then a false label put on it Unity Labour Party, it should of read Unity Marxist Party, but that would of made them unelectable, so the adopted they word Labour.

    What is amazing is how gullible the Vincentian people are in believing its Labour, changing the name on sack of coals to read flour, it still remains coals.

    Thank you Kenton for an A1 presentation, please consider doing the same with Marcus De Freitus.

  3. Kenton
    Thank you for this video and for excellent journalism.
    Please continue with more stories of issues in SVG as this is important for the country.
    We have an election likely in 2014 so let´s start drilling into the real problems that face the country – and You Tube videos with investigative journalism is perfect for this.
    Well done
    Keep going

  4. I wonder if the ULP is aware of the damage their conduct dealing with this business man is causing SVG. Who would want to invest in SVG, if this government or any government acts in this manner? There has to be a revamping of the entire business environment in SVG. It appears that most business transactions are covered by the laws in the old colonial days. That when it took ships months to get from England to SVG. Things have not changed, because it takes not months but years to settle business and personal property claims in SVG. This is still happening even though information is just a mouse click away, no matter where the information is parked in the wide world.

  5. I know I have told this story before, and Kenton has printed it probably twice before. But in this matter, once again this is very relevant.

    Prior to the last elections I was advising two industrial companies on coming here to take advantage of tax brakes etc.

    I took them around Georgetown and looked at locations.

    One was a European company that wanted to assemble agricultural equipment here and export around the Caribbean. They would of been medium size employers, employing 200 – 400 persons.

    After the ULP won the elections I advised them against investing here under the kind of government that the ULP was. I could not advise them to come here whilst the leadership of the ULP was as it is now.

    I could see the spite administered to Marcos De Freitus with his Kingtown property, and I was also at the time watching our leaderships friendship with Chavez and our association with ALBA. Chavez was taking peoples business’s from them with little or no compensation. I could see that SVG was not somewhere to invest at that time, the companies agreed with me and walked away.

    Now seeing what has happened to Bigger Biggs, that has validated my advice.

    His treatment and the treatment of the workforce here, the port police being made redundant and still not getting all that was due to them. Then to replace the port police, which means they were not redundant at all. Because redundancy means that the jobs they were doing were no longer required, and no one else was to replace them. So redundancy was just a straight forward misrepresentation.

    Concise English Dictionary
    n adjective
    1 no longer needed or useful; superfluous. Ø(of words) able to be omitted without loss of meaning or function. ØEngineering (of a component) not strictly necessary but included in case another component fails.
    2 British (of a person) no longer employed because there is no more work available.

    They were therefore fired from their jobs out of spite and malice, they were not redundant at all.

    Had the government changed in 2010, Georgetown men and women would have been meaningfully employed.

    The chronicle of mal actions meted out on the citizens and business people of SVG is never ending.

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